Beat David Rancken — June 23, 2010

beat david rancken 385 kvil17 Beat David Rancken    June 23, 2010

Want to win a cool prize? :) Are you up for a trivia contest against our News Director, David Rancken? Gene and Julie play Beat David Rancken weekday mornings at 6:30amCST.   Are you up for the challenge? We need new players!! :) Email us:

Here are today’s questions…

1)  In the Harry Potter series, what is a “muggle”?

2)  The princess of what country just married her commoner/trainer boyfriend?

3)  This artist raised a lot of eyebrows when she went to a New York Yankees game wearing only a bra and fishnets under an open Yankee jersey.  Who?

4)  Who played the Blacksmith in Pirates of the Caribbean?

5)  Who is the companion to the Man in the Yellow Hat?


1)  An ordinary human with no wizarding powers

2)  Sweden

3)  Lady Gaga

4)  Orlando Bloom

5)  Curious George


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