Tori Spelling discusses her new book “Uncharted Territori”

tori spelling uncharted territori book cover385 Tori Spelling discusses her new book “Uncharted Territori”

Tori Spelling is the kind of celebrity I really want to be annoyed with.

I mean, who writes THREE books about themselves in the span of three years and who, besides maybe Bob Newhart, has had THREE TV series with their name in the title?

And yet, every time I’ve interviewed Tori she has been so sweet and both of my sisters never miss her show so I’m not as annoyed with Tori as I think I could be.

Promoting her latest book, Unchartered TerriTORI, the former Beverly Hills 90210 star speaks with about a host of things. Here is a sample:

One of the things you talk about on the show is fears — and getting over them. You talk about your fear of ghosts, your fear of flying. Do you have any advice to people who are trying to get over any phobias?

Oh, my gosh. Good luck to them [laughs]. It’s really hard. I have so many phobias and so many fears, but I’ve found that when I had kids my fears got worse not better.

I thought they would get better because I didn’t want them to take those on. And it’s kind of been my journey of looking inward — why do I have all these fears? And it’s kind of about changing your thought process. It’s a struggle every day to turn that negative into a positive. Because I’m always like, “What if this happens? What if that goes wrong?”

And [instead] it’s like, “Wait. Why would that go wrong?” It’s really hard to change your whole thought process after 37 years, but that’s something I’m working on.

And fears are just kind of a fear of the unknown and the fear of something bad happening, and I talk about it in the book — not having your happy ending. We all deserve our happy ending and so we have to start, day by day, to write it for ourselves.


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