Finalists Announced for the Four Seasons' Ultimate Wedding

385wedding Finalists Announced for the Four Seasons' Ultimate Wedding

The Top 3 finalists of the Ultimate Wedding Couple Search were announced on Good Morning Texas WFAA TV 8! AND, voting for the number one couple begins tomorrow at

Here are the top 3: Erin Alrich and Dr. Andy Shean;  Audrey Ette and Ethan Kent; and Pablo Williams and Jinny Figy.

photo aldrich shean Finalists Announced for the Four Seasons' Ultimate WeddingErin – announced at age 6 that she wanted to achieve Olympic status after watching the opening ceremonies on TV, Olympic volleyball star, professional athlete, she is in her final semester of her MBA at UT Austin. She models, writes, and wants to start her own business incorporating her background in sports and love of travel.

Andy – Doctorate of Education, college professor, mentors and teaches, coaches beach volleyball, and he desires to attend seminary school. He met Erin through MySpace as he was building a volleyball website designed for serious volleyball athletes. They coresponded for 6 months before meeting face to face. Their letters are now a book and an account of a friendship that turned into a life commitment.

wedding contest pic Finalists Announced for the Four Seasons' Ultimate WeddingAudrey and Ethan…think highly organized lawyer meets highly creative musician. Audrey grew up outside of Houston, attended Rice University on an academic scholarship. During her time there she entered a MTV contest and won a $50,000 grant for her video and local rally on social justice. This grant paved her way financially to attend Tulane Law School where she worked hard and passed the bar exam first go around. She aspires to be an administrative law judge. She moved to Dallas for work and began attending the church where Ethan is Minister of Music. He noticed her at choir practice.

Ethan is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University. Audrey so inspires him that he wrote a song just for her as part of his proposal plan. He reserved a ballroom and stage at a hotel in Arlington where he told Audrey she was going to attend a conference that she would like. Instead, she entered the darkened room where he began playing the original song on his piano. She loves his passion and creativity and they way other people are drawn to him, and he admires her work ethic and her desire to make a difference for the better in everything she does.

ultimate wedding pic jp Finalists Announced for the Four Seasons' Ultimate WeddingPablo and Jenny. They never had a chance not to like each other! They both come from large families – Pablo is one of 10 and Jenny is one of 4. They met at the Four Seasons Sports Club Kids Club when they were just 6 and 4 years old. Tennis camps, golf camps, you name it they got thrown together. It also helped that their Irving families lived across the street and shared lots of activities and celebrations. While they were friends, they did not actually date until college and after graduation from SMU.
Pablo took a job working for a defense contractor and was concerned that his new travel schedule would take him away from Jenny. He surprised her with a proposal after dining at the Cafe. He had his brother place a big box on a bridge overlooking the Four Seasons pool. Jenny was surprised to see it and thought someone had left it there by accident. When he told her it was hers she just laughed and ultimately dug out the engagement ring from inside the wrapping. He ended the proposal with a champagne toast on the lawn near the TPC Four Seasons.

They hope to travel with Pablo’s work, possibly Boston, Austraila or France. They would also like to ultimatly have a floral and home design business Jenny and her mother would be involved in. Design is Jenny’s passion. They both want children and a big family like the ones they come from. A dream wedding in Mexico may not be possible due to complications with everyone’s travel schedules, so one close to home would be the next best thing. Ironically, after their interview with us, several members of their families were waiting for them as a show of support – just outside near the bridge and pool where Pablo proposed.


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