Adam Lambert Bringing Glam Back To Dallas

adam lambert 385w Adam Lambert Bringing Glam Back To Dallas

The last time [lastfm]Adam Lambert [/lastfm]was in Dallas was for the American Idol tour.

This time he will have the stage all to himself on September 7th.

Adam will perform “for your entertainment” September 7th at The Palladium Ballroom.

“For Your Entertainment” turned out to be exactly the kind of album Adam wanted to make.

“It’s very eclectic,” he told People magazine. “There are anthems, there are songs that make you want to dance, there are songs that make you feel sexy and there are songs that touch you, hopefully, with emotional, insightful, deeper lyrics.”

LiveNation for tickets
[lastfm]Adam Lambert[/lastfm] – web site

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One Comment

  1. ANA says:

    Great !!!!!! Are you going to give tickets away and meet and greet? He is amazing !!!! love you guys !!!! Ana

  2. Michelle says:

    Cannot wait to see his show here in Dallas!! Will ya’ll be interviewing him Tuesday? He’s very articulate and funny.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I’ve already seen his GlamNation tour show once and I’m going again here in Dallas. It’s a full-scale area-style production being done at smaller venues. His band and dancers are first-rate and his voice is unreal when you hear it live! I can’t say enough about how good this guy’s voice is and his stage presence is amazing–I can’t believe the Dallas show isn’t sold out yet!

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