Get Ready For The Cowboys This Sunday! Randy Lann Has Tailgating Tips For You

dallas cowboys stadium Get Ready For The Cowboys This Sunday! Randy Lann Has Tailgating Tips For You

Are you ready for the first official Cowboys game of the season? The Dallas Cowboys take on the Redskins this Sunday! Go Cowboys!

Official Griller for Dallas Cowboys Grilling Products, Randy Lann, join Gene and Julie to offer some fabulous tailgating tips. Check out the interview!

240dcgp Get Ready For The Cowboys This Sunday! Randy Lann Has Tailgating Tips For You

Cowboys vs. Redskins–Game Time is 7:20pm (NBC)

Randy Lann, Winner of the World Champion Steak Cook-off, and official griller for Dallas Cowboys Grilling Products, has cooked over 175,000 rib eye steaks over the past 25 years.

A native of Arkansas, Randy got his start cooking when he  began grilling for President Bill Clinton’s fundraisers when he was the governor of Arkansas. He routinely cooks for upwards of 300 people on weekends and has been doing events for Dallas Cowboys Grilling Products since last fall when he cooked for the Dallas Cowboys team, staff and coaches  after practice at Valley Ranch.

Randy’s specialty is steaks but he’s just as talented when it comes to ribs, brisket, chicken, sausage or pork. Whatever he’s grilling, he’s cooking with Dallas Cowboys charcoal and mesquite hardwood—both 100% natural products.  The charcoal makes a hotter, cleaner fire with less smoke, fumes and residuals. He loves the new award winning Dallas Cowboys BBQ sauce as a marinade.

Randy is definitely a Cowboys fan, but he’s a griller first. He will tell anyone who asks that Dallas Cowboys Grilling Products “are as good a product as he’s ever used”. They are Cowboys tested and Cowboys approved. So every time you see Randy Lann grilling, he’s using Dallas Cowboys Grilling Products. They are available year round at Texas grocery stores or at

Talk about a football legend, here is part of Emmitt Smith’s NFL Hall of Fame induction speech.

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