Is Julie Losing It

hairloss1 e1287611332148 Is Julie Losing It

It seems that every time Julie DeHarty takes a shower she has more of this in her drain than on her head. Julie fears that she is going to lose all of  her hair!

Julie is really concerned about losing her hair. Is she not eating well? Using the wrong shampoo? Brushing her hair too much or not enough? What should she do about it. She doesn’t want to look like Bruce Willis or visit the wall of hair. She needs your help.

Have any advice for Julie?


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  1. Pam Wheeler says:

    Talk to your gyn…given your age (no offense and I am older than you!) you are mostly likely peri-menopausal. I am officially done with menopause and during that hellish time (before hormone therapy) I was loosing my hair too. It’s more than a little disconcerting! You can also try a supplement called Biotin. Oddly enough my 16 year old has lost a significant amount of hair in the past three months. I think it’s stress and hormonal changes but I’m going to have her thyroid and hormone levels checked. Hope that helps!

  2. annalisa says:

    i loose so much hair i could donate..i am worried but havent talked to my doctor …im going to make appt and find out why i loose so much hair..i read that you can lose 100 or more strands a day..??

  3. Lin says:

    I am 62 and my hair has been falling out for a long time. I have spots that look almost bald. It is 100% hormonal; actually, the fact that we have no hormones is the reason why we have no hair.

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