Kimberly Schlegel Whitman Talks About Feather Your Nest

christmas etiquette Kimberly Schlegel Whitman Talks About Feather Your Nest

It’s time again for Feather Your Nest with etiquette expert Colleen Rickenbacher. She will be speaking on etiquette  for the holiday season.

From Kimberly Schlegel Whitman’s blog:

The Feather Your Nest event Etiquette and Protocol: Just in Time for the Holidays is November 12th beginning at 11:15am.

The speaker for the event is Colleen Rickenbacher (CMP, CSEP, CPC, CTA), business owner, author, speaker, trainer and consultant. Speaking engagements on the importance of protocol and etiquette in your professional and personal life have taken Colleen around the world. She can be seen and heard regularly on national television and radio.

Holidays should be a wonderful time, but at times we let the moment get away from us. Colleen would love to help with a few suggestions to help bring back the holiday cheer:

  • The holiday office parties including exchanging gifts, gifts for the hosts, what to wear,
    and when to arrive (and leave), or should you even attend?
  • RSVPs and thank you notes
  • Gifts for your children’s teacher for the holidays
  • Having gifts in reserve and “regifting.” What happens if you are given a gift and do not
    have one in return?
  • Holiday cards
  • Tipping for the holidays

Come and share this interactive luncheon to ask questions you have always wondered or to gain a little insight to help make this time of the year more enjoyable. Keep the holidays fun and a time to share with family and friends.

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