Milk, Does It Really Do The Body Good

milk e1288733367722 Milk, Does It Really Do The Body Good

Milk. How often do you drink it? What about what’s in it, or what’s not in it?

Do you buy your milk with or without hormones? Does it really make a difference? Leigh Ann and Julie discuss all the milky aspects.

A listeners story. And, Leigh Ann and Julie debate.

What do you drink?


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  1. Judy says:

    Leigh Ann, I wanted to back up what you were saying on 11/2/10 about the HGH in milk. I wanted to put my 2 cents in. Severalo years ago it came out that the level of HGH in milk was link to the early development of young girls. The research showed that HGH was causing young girls (5-6 yrs old) starting they periods. It was such a big deal that Wal-mart had to revamp their production methods. I will try to find these article and email it to you so you will have something to show Julie. Also,FYI, all Braums milk is considered organic and HGH free, and usually low in price. I say KUDOS to you for protecting you child. After all that is what mom’s do. Love your show…..

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