Wheel Of Fortune’s One Letter Solve

wheel of fortune Wheel Of Fortunes One Letter Solve

Can you figure out this Wheel of Fortune phrase just the letter L?

One recent contestant on the show figured it out… with only the one letter!

Did you get it?

wheel 2 Wheel Of Fortunes One Letter Solve

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant solved a seven-word puzzle with just one letter — a single “L” — and an apostrophe revealed on the board and one other letter ruled out.

“Can I solve?” Caitlin Burke asked a startled host Pat Sajak.

Burke, 26, a New York fashion magazine editor who says she used to watch the show with her dad growing up, clearly had a good feeling about the puzzle during her appearance on the show Friday. She answered correctly: “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

Burke won a trip to the Caribbean and $53,618.

Sajak called it “the most amazing solve we’ve ever had.”

Watch Caitlin’s one-letter solve:


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