Vote For Who You Want To Kickoff The Children’s Holiday Parade Presented By Capital One Bank

385audition Vote For Who You Want To Kickoff The Childrens Holiday Parade Presented By Capital One Bank

Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned over the weekend. The search has been narrowed down to the top 6 videos, and now it is up to YOU to decide who will kick off the Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade presented by Capital One Bank on December 4th!  Please watch the videos and vote for who you want to win!

Delaney’s Audition

Riley’s Audition

Ryan’s Audition

Sarah’s Audition

Sophia’s Audition

Tori’s Audition


capital one bank logo jpeg Vote For Who You Want To Kickoff The Childrens Holiday Parade Presented By Capital One Bank

holidayparade Vote For Who You Want To Kickoff The Childrens Holiday Parade Presented By Capital One Bank


One Comment

  1. Betty Troyer says:


    1. Betty Troyer says:

      It’s in the Holiday Spirit!

  2. lmesecke says:

    Such enthusiasm!!! Love it.

  3. JP Keesy says:


  4. Lane and Nancy Lynch says:

    Great show Delaney! You are a winner!!

    1. Dong Bin Lee says:


  5. Nancy Scholink says:

    Good luck Delany!

  6. Linda says:

    All the kids are TERRIFIC! Can’t wait till the parade.David Archuleta should be in the parade this year too,since he IS going to be doing a show here Dec.3rd to benefit Childrens Medical Center!! WOW!! NOW THAT”S A GREAT IDEA!! His Christmas CD”Christmas From The Heart” is AWESOME!!!! 🙂

  7. marie says:

    Go TORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Susie says:

    Your are Wonderful, Tori You have the enthusiasm it takes and a strong voice!

  9. Grandma Donna says:

    Hi Everyone….Please vote for Tori Harris (my granddaughter) she is a cute as a button and a special little girl. Thanks in advance!

  10. Faber McMullen says:

    Delaney is great! She gets my vote.

    1. Dong Bin Lee says:


  11. Jessica Kirby says:

    You rock, Tori! Praying for you!

  12. Jessica says:

    Good luck Tori

  13. Eddie R says:

    You got it in the bag Tori!!!!! Way to go girl!

  14. Mack Tatarsky says:

    Congrats Tori…on a job well done !

  15. Tabi says:

    Way to go Tori!! Awesome job!!

  16. Ande says:

    Go Tori!!!!!!!

  17. Coppell Dance Centre says:

    We love our TORI!!! Good Luck!

  18. Cindy Minor says:

    We are pulling for you Delany!

  19. Paige Stephenson says:

    Delaney ROCKS!!!!

    1. Dong Bin Lee says:


    2. delaney :):):) says:

      THank you soooooo much im excited tell every one to vote!!:)

  20. Kimberly Smith says:

    Mary Morgan and the SMITH family so Tori is our Girl!!
    Can’t wait to see you lead the parade!

  21. P Liang says:

    What a spirit, Tori !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Lee Polk says:

    You Rock, Tori!!

  23. Harry says:

    Way to go Tori! Best of luck to you…

  24. Todd Harris says:

    Congratulation to all contestants that made it this far. Love my little girl- go Tori hope you win!

  25. Sylvia Rubi says:

    Good Luck Tori!!

  26. Melanie Pinkston says:

    Great job Delaney!

  27. Eddie Jensen says:

    Dear Tori I will have you in my prays, you are amazing..
    My best for you ^ your family
    Uncle Eddie…
    Merry Christmas!!!

  28. Jim Hamilton says:

    Three cheers for Tori!!! I would love to see her lead the parade!

  29. Trace says:

    Good Luck Tori!!!!

  30. mapiz says:

    sofia to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. nani says:

    sophia you are very pretty

  32. paula says:

    sophia you are very pretty

  33. diego says:

    sophia you are very pretty

  34. isabella says:

    look like an angel

  35. annita says:

    you sing very well

  36. tomas esteban says:

    You’re the best premium and had

  37. tomas esteban says:

    sophia going to win

  38. camila mendez says:

    have style

  39. tomas esteban says:

    oing to win because you are very strong and beautiful

  40. begsy rodriguez says:

    The Rodriguez family is with you

  41. tomas esteban says:

    re the prettiest girl of all, very special

  42. tomas esteban says:

    martin family are with you

  43. tomas esteban says:

    the group of cousins are with you

  44. angelika says:

    children’s choir we are with you…

  45. tomas esteban says:

    sophia the world is with you

  46. vito says:

    children of the church are with you

  47. tomas esteban says:

    palaces is with you, francisco is with you and I love you too much

  48. anndrea says:

    go sophia!!!

  49. daniel says:

    go sophia!!!
    go sophia!!!!

  50. aleja says:

    go sophia!!!

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