O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

christmas tree nature e1291673226719 O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

It’s time for you to be the Judge. Who decorated their Christmas Tree the best? Leigh Ann or Julie.

Below are the Christmas Trees decorated by Leigh Ann and Julie.

leigh anns tree e1291673466664 O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Leigh Ann’s Christmas Tree. Yes, it has a topper. It’s a Star with a Cross in the middle. The light was low so it’s hard to see.

julies tree e1291673605160 O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Julie’s Christmas Tree.

Now think hard and make your decision.


One Comment

  1. Kim says:

    I like them both but Julie wins because of her beautiful star. The season is about the birth of Jesus and the Star lead the people to Bethlehem where Jesus was born, so because of that, I have to go with Julie.

  2. bitsy says:

    Now, is that an Angel on the top?

  3. Chris Probst says:

    every tree needs a topper! Julie got my vote for that reason…..both are beautiful

  4. Ashley Coen says:

    I think they both look close to the same. I like Leigh Ann’s more because its bigger and i can see more decorations on it. They are both beautiful. 🙂

  5. Christine says:

    I’m all for Julie’s tree; I love the blue and white. It reminds me of snowflakes and ice. But Leigh Ann maybe if you laid on the floor and took the picture from there we could see the WHOLE tree. It is beautiful I’m just more of the blue and white this year.

  6. Kristen says:

    I vote for Leigh Ann — girl you HAVE to win one of these contests!

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