Vote For Steve Kemble For The Regis And Kelly Men Of Radio Contest

steve kemble Vote For Steve Kemble For The Regis And Kelly Men Of Radio Contest

They are naming the Top 10 on Monday in the Men of Radio contest! Today is the LAST day to vote and comment to get Steve Kemble in [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Regis Philbin[/lastfm]’s seat on Live! With Regis and Kelly!!!

What’s Hot!: The Live! With Regis and Kelly Men of Radio Contest

Steve Kemble’s Report:


Live! with Regis and Kelly want to hear how much you want Steve Kemble to co-host. Go to their facebook page and tell them how much you love Steve Kemble! [You must “like” Live! with Regis and Kelly in order to comment.]

Watch Steve’s video for the Men of Radio contest:

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One Comment

  1. Jane McCurley says:

    Steve is the best and should sit in Regis chair-he is awesome and very entertaining!

  2. Loretta Powell says:

    Steve would be a blast!!!

  3. Gwen White says:

    We need to see Steve Kemble on the Regis & Kelly show. He’s the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Blondie says:

    STEVE KIMBLE should be the guest host on Regis and Kelly! He rocks the airwaves! Blondie

  5. Judy Rogers says:

    Steve Kemble is truly the sassiest guru alive and they really need him live on Regis & Kelly.

  6. Patti Kaufman says:

    Steve Kemble is “Hot” and needs to be on Regis & kelly. Talked to you later By By!

  7. jeremy melugin says:

    my vote is to steve kemble for regis & kathy lee

  8. Roy Fisher says:

    If you want real class, then Steve should be sitting in Regis’ seat.

  9. stephanie leopard says:

    I love listening to Steve Kemble! He s so much fun! He d be great on regis and kelley1

  10. dave leopard says:

    Steve would be great with kelly.

  11. Terri Wilkerson says:

    Steve Kemble will be a big hit on The Regis & Kelly Show. He is very entertaining and will be awesome to watch! You have to pick him to sit in for Regis. He is loved all over the country!!!

  12. maga lu says:

    Steve would be really entertaining with Kelly. He would keep us laughing and Kelly would have a good time too.

  13. Lisa Cupples says:

    Steve brightens my mornings during the week and would be awesome on the Regis & Kelly show. He’s the best!!!!

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