The Great Sink Controversy

30 steel sink l The Great Sink Controversy

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Does the water really flow in opposite directions depending on what hemisphere it is in, or does it just depend on gravity?

David Rancken wanted to know the answer, so he conducted his own experiment with a friend in Australia.

Do you think the water in Australia and the water in Dallas, TX will flow in the same or opposite directions?

Watch and find out!

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One Comment

  1. Jessica says:

    I can’t view your video because it’s private, but I heard you guys talking about this on the show and it was said that toilets don’t flush counterclockwise in Australia. That is true, they don’t, but not because of the Coriolis effect… Australian toilets are allegedly designed to push the water down so that there is no swirling action either way. You can search YouTube for vidoes of toilets flushing in South America, and it will show you they flush counterclockwise. And in Ecuador, on the equator, the water goes straight down.

  2. jc says:

    The video does not play — its listed as priovate. Makes it kinda hard to see …

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