Here’s Donny!

donny osmond 385w Heres Donny!

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After winning Dancing with the Stars and simultaneously doing a live Las Vegas Show with Marie at the Flamingo, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Donny Osmond[/lastfm] is stepping behind the mic and joining the airstaff at 103.7 Lite FM with the Donny Osmond Radio Show

Saturdays 7pm - midnight on 103.7 Lite FM [photogallerylink id=33986 align=left] 

Not only is he happy to be doing radio, he’s happy to be sitting down. 

I, too, was happy to sit down with him, and get an insight into his radio show.

In essence, Donny is keeping listeners company and getting them through the workday with a lifestyle-driven music show. In addition to great music, he’ll share fun stories, tips, celebrity interviews, interesting information, personal anecdotes (you can’t hear anywhere else) plus a very positive outlook on life.

donny385 Heres Donny!

What’s probably most interesting about this man is that he’s a classic entertainer who remains current and contemporary. He’s one of the most relevant individuals in entertainment today.

There aren’t a lot of music hosts who can play the music of, and say they’re friends with Stevie Wonder; one of Donny’s music idols.

And despite many years in show business, Donny is a lot like your listeners. He, and his wife Debbie (of 32 years) have five children, and two grandchildren.

So, while many fans know him for his work; now, they get to know Donny as the family man who washes his car, goes grocery shopping, mows the lawn and fixes things around the house.

Find that hard to believe? You’re not alone.

He told me, ”The other day, I was trying to get this part and called a hardware store out of town. Nearing the end of the transaction, the saleslady asked, ‘Who is this being sent to?’ I said, ‘Donny Osmond.’ Her response, ‘Yeah, and I’m Barbra Streisand.’ — she hung up.”

Donny connects with fans in a way that is very unique.

During Dancing with the Stars, I witnessed Donny in action; I watched him. 

When you meet him, he does something very few entertainers of his stature do… he looks you in the eye and listens to you; even in a sea of reporters who shared their personal stories of yesteryear. 

I must have heard “I can’t believe it’s you, I had you on my wall when I was a teenager” eight thousand times. However, Donny listened to each person reminisce, and treated each conversation as if it were his first time hearing these similar stories. 

Everywhere Donny goes people feel like they know him, everyone has had a Donny experience.

And, that is so important with radio; being such an intimate medium.

So what do you do as an encore after mastering the Argentine Tango on Dancing with the Stars? “I’m not approaching this thinking that I know everything about radio, however, radio has been part of my life ever since ‘One Bad Apple’ was released in 1970. In fact, I was home listening to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 on the radio when I found out ‘One Bad Apple’ became the number one song in the country. Radio has been a very important part of my career.”

Radio is just about the only medium Donny hasn’t tackled in his career.

He’s a recording artist, actor, TV host, author, race car driver and ballroom dancer. 

It’s hard to find something he hasn’t done. As a joke, I told him, ”while I was being Bar-Mitzvah’d you were probably doing a pirate sketch with Charo on national TV.” Laughing, he said, “I think Bob Hope was in that one too.”

Yet, just as radio has changed over the years from transistor to car stereo to iPod and beyond, so has Donny endured. Through all the changes, radio is still radio and Donny is still Donny.

“My career has had its ups and down for nearly 50 years, but that’s life. Although it can seem like a roller coaster ride, you’ve just got to enjoy it. I’m certainly enjoying this one.”

“The show will reflect my life. I do a lot of different things; right now I’m doing the live show in Las Vegas with Marie. And, whatever events or interesting things happen, I can share it with my radio audience quickly.”

When a new show launched, people in the business wanted to know, “what’s the hook?” The hook is Donny. I finally figured out his secret and here it is… the entertainer; the host and the family man…same guy.

Donny is being himself.

And that’s what listeners get when they hear the Donny Osmond Radio Show.

The show can be heard Saturdays from 7pm to midnight on 103.7 Lite FM.

donny osmond show385 Heres Donny!

-Written by Ed Crasnick


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  1. Cathy Nelson says:

    Love hearing Donny on KVIL-FM in Dallas! I’ve been wanting to hear him on the radio here for a long timel.

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