5 Ways To Deal With The Office Drama Queen!

graphic drama queen ahead1 5 Ways To Deal With The Office Drama Queen!

I honestly always thought it was just the entertainment industry that experienced the office drama queen.

But then again, I really don’t know anything else other than Radio, Media Relations and Entertainment.

But low and behold, they are in EVERY office!

I have made it a point over the last few years to really focusing on positive energy and conversations.

I have a number of friends who are extremely successful in business and the one thing most of them preach is ridding yourself of negative scenarios and avoiding the drama queens.

Sounds easy to do but at times, it’s almost as if you can’t escape. 84436992 5 Ways To Deal With The Office Drama Queen!

You don’t want to be rude about it as that defeats the purpose of putting positive out. But at the same time you don’t want to fall victim to it as that is also an angle you want to avoid.

It’s kind of a double edged sword.

I found a GREAT article on Career Builder today that focuses on dealing with this specific person in your office, so I wanted to share.

These are great tips and really present ways to keep you focused and avoid the beat down of the Office Drama Queen!


Here are five tips for dealing with the drama queen in your office:

200257397 002 5 Ways To Deal With The Office Drama Queen!

1. Get support from the top.

“If you are a manager and you have a drama queen that undermines your authority, you must be willing to talk to your boss and get his or her support,” Chism says. But if your boss contributes to the problem by letting the drama queen get her way, gather the courage to talk to your boss. “Let [him or her] know how the drama queen’s problem contributes to lost revenue, team problems and customer service.”


103033314 5 Ways To Deal With The Office Drama Queen!

2. Clarify the roles and responsibilities.

If the drama queen is doing things she’s not supposed to, hold a team meeting and clarify the roles and processes, Chism says.

“Let your employees know that you have backing from the top executives for dealing with someone going out of due process. Give an example so your team is clear on what is changing and what consequences will result if due process is ignored,” she says. “Have your employees sign and date a document confirming that they understand the new rules and expectations.”


77006234 5 Ways To Deal With The Office Drama Queen!

3. Initiate a difficult conversation.

Whether it’s with your boss, the drama queen or both, make sure you have the right mindset before meeting with anyone. Create an intention to replace drama with harmony and to help everyone grow.

“When you speak about the problem, take responsibility for the part you played before asking for the new behavior. For example, ‘I let this slide for too long and didn’t’ clarify the roles and responsibilities,’ or ‘I was trying to keep the peace, and now this has become a customer-service problem,'” she says. “Once you have owned the part you have played, you are free to state the problem and ask for the needed change.”


113154820 5 Ways To Deal With The Office Drama Queen!

4. Set a boundary.

“Make sure the person with whom you are having the difficult conversation knows what the boundary is. In other words, what is the consequence of ignoring your request? What measures can you put into place so that you get compliance and commitment?” Chism says. “For example, ‘Marie, if this happens again, unfortunately I will have to write you up and send you home on suspension.'”

89771983 5 Ways To Deal With The Office Drama Queen!

5. Discipline appropriately.

If you’ve addressed the situation, and held the difficult conversation, one of two things will happen: You will either have eliminated the drama, or you will be tested, Chism says.

“If your drama-queen employee decides to test you, you cannot afford to ignore the situation. You must fulfill the promise you stated when you first set the boundary, even if doing so will make you the bad guy. If the discipline includes termination, good record-keeping of attempts to help the employee grow and follow due process will come in handy.”


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