Allen Catches In-N-Out Fever

 In N Out Burger Has Arrived

Photo courtesy of David Rancken

In-N-Out opened its doors in Allen today, and the line was absurd. It had to be at least six blocks long.

And no I didn’t wait in the line. Maybe if they were giving away Louis Vuitton bags.

This was the line at In-n-Out Burger in Allen.

Photo 1:

lee ann in n out line Allen Catches In N Out Fever

Photo Courtesy of Leigh Ann

Photo 2:

lee ann in n out line 2 Allen Catches In N Out Fever
Photo Courtesy of Leigh Ann

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One Comment

  1. Doug says:

    We always had lines in CA when away from MCRD! But you must remember we do things BIG IN TEXAS!!

  2. Kathy says:

    This same thing happened in Scottsdale, AZ 11 years ago, (we lived there). I took the kids there some time after that. There was NOTHING special about it, and I never had any desire to ever go back. I’ve always found that the best hamburgers are found at any local diner or cafe.

  3. Maria says:

    Wow! Thats Impressive! Im from Van Nuys, California and we have in n out in every City. I must say It is worth standing in long line for. a must try is Animal Style fries. French fries w/ melted cheese and special sauce w/ grill onion. Defenitley worth a try. Its just juicey and taste like heaven. Ive tried other burger joint myself and nothing tops In n out. Even my family from the Philippines craves for it!
    By the way, Im a big fan of your Radio Station. I started listening to it barely a few weeks ago and found it on my Yahoo station and Im in love w/ it. I tune it from the moment I come in to work and till I clock out.


  4. Gina Speaks says:

    There is no way I would have patience to sit in that line! I don’t care how good the burger is. Oh, and I heard you and Julie talk about the burger w/no bun. That is what I like; all the fixins, just no bun.

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