All About Henna Helps Tattoo For Tickets

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Sharla Westmore told Gene & Julie that she would tattoo “Gene & Julie” on her forehead for Dallas Mavericks tickets… and she did it!

Of course it wasn’t a permanent tattoo. Surinder Marbha of All About Henna came by to apply Sharla’s temporary henna tattoo.

Check out the video!

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About the Business 
All About Henna is a family owned business that is simply working on promoting the art of henna (mehendi)!  They’ve taken a century’s old body-art to create spectacular & contemporary home décor items and gifts. What makes henna truly unique is that it is applied free-hand (where stated otherwise), without the use of stencils, markers or decals and our artists have been practicing this art for many years, making them a pro in this art!
Their specialty is henna body art, that they offer though personal appointment, events and fairs. Their products are individually hand-crafted using henna as its main element. Either actual henna is used to decorate our products or they use henna designs and motifs to paint a variety of products. An important feautre of the business is that they offer custom work – your bidy art, gift and décor items are each created to your preferences and guideline – making each artwork one of a kind.

About Henna 
An ancient art form from India, Pakistan, Africa, the Middle East, henna is traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women preparing for special ceremonies and is considered good luck in many cultures. Popularly considered as a form of temporary body art, is safe and therapeutic. It is very unusual for anyone to have an adverse reaction to natural henna as it is one of the safest cosmetics ever used, but if one is concerned then a patch test could be the answer.
The application of henna to the body is neither painful nor poisonous. When used in body decoration, henna can be thought of as an organically-derived temporary tattooing. Henna simply a method of drawing various designs on the skin without the use of needles. As the skin absorbs and reacts with the henna powder, the skin is actually stained for a period of up to four weeks. Because henna is a natural stain, it can’t be rubbed off or removed with soap and water.
The dye, which is permanent on fabric or wood, lingers anywhere from 2-12 weeks on skin, depending upon the quality of the henna, its reaction with an individual’s skin and the care taken to preserve the design.

About the Artist
Born and bought up in Mumbai, India, Surinder has been doing henna for as long as she remembers! She is also the founder of All About Henna and initially started as offering henna services from her home. She wanted to share her love of henna to more permanent and long term use for her customers and started making henna decorated candles for her friends and family. The encouragement she received was pretty much the birth of All About Henna. Now, she not just offers henna body art services, but also designs & makes most of the items available in our online store. Her other hobbies are painting, reading and loves music.
VIDEO (maybe?)
For more information on what All About Henna is all about:
To contact All About Henna:
Phone: 214-620-0758
Facebook :’s Next?


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