Safety Tips & Debunking Myths About Tornadoes

What should you do if a tornado is heading your way? 

Check out these 8 tips that could keep you and your family safe!

1.  DO NOT- Park or hide under an overpass when a tornado is near.  Studies have shown that it isn’t a safe place, even if videos like this show people braving a tornado as it passes over them.  They were lucky to stay alive.

2.  STAY ALERT- Tune in to the forecast on the radio or TV for as long as possible.  Tornadoes can move rapidly and in no given direction.

3.  TRANSPARENT TORNADOES-  Just because you can’t actually see the tornado doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.  Tornadoes may not be visible unless they have picked up debris. (Around the 2:35 Mark)

4.  KEEP WINDOWS CLOSED-  Also, stay as far away from windows as possible.  Even if you try to open them some, you are losing valuable time to hide in a spot.

5.  AVOID PLACES WITH LARGE OPEN ROOFS-  The smallest room in your house is the safest because there is more support in that spot for the roof.  In the 1960s, it was a myth that you needed to hide in the Southeast part of your home but that is proven to not help if your house is hit by a tornado.

6.  TAKE ALL WARNINGS SERIOUS- Be sure to pay close attention to all sirens and weather warnings, don’t ever ignore them.

7.  ACT QUICKLY-  Don’t run that last errand!  Get to a safe place immediately, tornadoes are quick and unpredictable!

8.  HAVE A PLAN- discuss what room in your house is the safest and make that your dedicated tornado room, planning is very important!

9.) Tornadoes DO strike in big cities.  Due to urban sprawl of cities, tornadoes can strike anywhere.  They are just known to attack more rural and farmlands because they take up more landmass than a big city.  As in the recent tornado attacks in Springfield, Massachusetts, they can strike anywhere, and even the buildings can slow down a tornado based on the friction between the building and swirling winds.

What other tips do you have?  Leave them in the Comments Section Below!


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