Casey Anthony Sentenced To Four Years In Jail

118394665 e1310050652407 Casey Anthony Sentenced To Four Years In Jail

Photo by Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images

Judge Belvin Perry sentenced Casey Anthony to four years in jail for lying to authorities throughout the investigation of the death of her daughter. She has already served nearly three years in jail and has had good behavior, so she may be set free as early as in late July or early August.

Once Anthony walks out of jail, she’s free to take her story to the bank with interviews, book deals, and film offers.

So-called Son of Sam laws prevent criminals from profiting from their crimes, but they don’t apply to Anthony since she was acquitted. “Why can’t she make money off of her story,” asks a defense lawyer. “You’ve seen so many cases where witnesses for the prosecution have profited from the case. Look at the OJ Simpson case and how the prosecutor, who lost the case, wrote books and made money afterward. So why can’t Casey do it?”

Dr. Drew Pinsky says the 25-year-old might not live happily ever after. “If she’s as much of a monster as the court of public opinion believes… this is not the last we have heard from her,” he says. “She will have her day. She will do something else that will collapse in chaos around her for sure. That’s just the way these people are. If, indeed, she is what we think her to be.”

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