Long Lost Loves

long lost love 385 kvil e1310038602940 Long Lost Loves

Have you ever wondered what happened to that special someone from way back when… Well we have a segment called Long Lost Loves that might be able to help you!

Today Angie called in to hear about her high school friend (and crush), Steve. He joined the military the summer after they graduated, and she has not heard from him since.

So are you interested in finding that certain someone?

We have a lengthy list of folks who want to know about their Long Lost Loves and here are a couple things to keep in mind:

1.    This feature is for entertainment purposes only (it’s not a public service). Before you proceed:

2.    Are you willing to share your story on the radio?

3.    Will your story entertain our listeners? Names will be changed for the broadcast if you would like.

4.    Jeff is not an employee of CBS Radio, so everything he does for The Gene & Julie Show is for free during his spare time when he’s not working on other clients’ cases.

5.    In his “real life” Jeff operates Spyglass Investigations and his schedule is unpredictable.  In a moment’s notice he goes undercover or helps law enforcement with major cases.  This means there are times he will literally fall off the face of the earth.  This is normal in his line of work, and he is not ignoring you.

6.    Most cases take time.  Even though it sounds like Jeff finds people in just a few seconds when we do the feature on the radio, some cases have taken well over a year to solve.  Thanks for understanding Jeff cannot solve your mystery in a few short days or weeks.

7.    Due to the number of inquiries, Jeff cannot take on every Long Lost Love case.  These are a couple things that will help put your inquiry in the front of the line:

8.    Give us as much data as possible about your Long Lost Love through an e-mail and we’ll forward it to Jeff.

9.    Include every little thing that would help Jeff find the person.  Their full name.  Birthdate.  Hometown.  Name of high school and year of graduation.  List everything you have… the people with the most data will have the best chance of Jeff selecting and solving their case.

10.    Jeff needs your phone number… and you’ve got to answer it when he calls.  He is short on time and if he can’t reach you, he’ll immediately move on to the next case.

11.    These are the most difficult scenarios and can end with no resolution:

12.    Finding a member of the Armed Forces.  We appreciate their commitment to our great nation; however, due to the nature of the career and the number of relocations, they tend to be some of our toughest cases to crack.

13.    Locating women who have changed their names (especially women who have married and changed their names multiple times).

14.    We are not able to take on these types of cases for a variety of reasons (many of them legal.)

15.    Reunions… any type of case where you want to be connected to the “Long Lost Love.”  All cases are anonymous and are “Look ups, not hook ups.”  Some people don’t want to be found.

16.    Custody/Deadbeat parents

17.    Adoption/Birth parents

Send an email to Kelly@1037litefm.com to get the Long Lost Love form to you.

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