Britney Spears’ Unreleased ‘Gimme More’ Music Video Leaks!

britney spears1 Britney Spears Unreleased Gimme More Music Video Leaks!

Britney Spears (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

When Britney Spears unleased ”Gimme More” from her Blackout album, it was obvious that the pop star wasn’t in top mental or physical condition. There was a time when she was dealt with a lot of personal turmoil. This was made extremely clear when she performed the track on the MTV VMA’s and later released the music video. To be honest, to this day we still don’t know what the whole point of the video was. Did Britney just want to pretend to be a stripper? It was never completely clear.

Whatever the intended storyline, it was made known that there were some scenes left out of the clip. Now we’re finally getting to see a little more of what was left on the cutting room floor. An uncensored original version of the video has landed on YouTube. We’ll admit, it still doesn’t make much sense but it’s interesting to see what was left out.

What are the differences? Well, there’s a lot more skin in the unreleased video. Back when it was released, MTV chose to air a censored version. In the uncensored director’s cut, Britney went completely topless. She covered her naughty bits with star-shaped pasties and occasionally holding her vest to her chest to cover up. But we still got the idea. Britney was letting loose and working the pole.

The original video also shows the singer walking down the street dressed in a short black dress, heels and a mini-veil. There’s also a pretty random bedroom scene where she’s singing along to the track, watching TV with a cat.

According to Britney fan sites, the video was set to go something like this: The clip starts at a funeral where she meets a guy. They go to a club, where Stripper Britney works. Britney is kidnapped, taken to a hotel and beaten by Stripper Britney. The end. Make sense now? Not really!

We’re still not sure who came up with that concept or why they might have gone along with it. According to reports, that version of the video was released for a short time until Jive, Britney’s label, pulled it. None of this has been confirmed by Britney, it’s all fan speculation and rumor. Maybe someday the truth will come out, but for now check out the unreleased version.

Watch the Unreleased version of Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” below:



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