Egg Drop Soup Or What Was In Leigh Ann’s Ear?

question mark 2 by ian mckinnell getty images Egg Drop Soup Or What Was In Leigh Anns Ear?

Ian McKinnell/getty images

Well, Leigh Ann has finally cleared out her ear. What was the problem? Click and take a look if you dare.

This was in Leigh Ann’s ear. No it’s not egg drop soup. It’s what the doctor washed out.

ear crap e1311109797861 Egg Drop Soup Or What Was In Leigh Anns Ear?

image Leigh Ann

Yuck! It’s ear wax.  Although it does look like egg drop soup. Maybe she can get a fortune cookie to come out the other ear.

What are you having for dinner?

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One Comment

  1. Melissa B says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! That is really gross and thank goodness I do not like egg drop soup. GROSS!!! I would hate to see what is in my ear.

  2. Tanya L Lawson says:

    When my son was in the 1st gradea kid threw some pebbles and one went into his ear and got stuck. SUPER painful!!

  3. Jaz says:

    Yuuuuuuukkk! I can’t believe that much ear wax was in her ear. Maybe Leigh Ann needs to clean her ears more often everyday.

  4. Janet says:

    My ENT told me that people who build up A LOT of wax are said to have “Hairy Ear”. How you get hair out of all of that wax baffles me…LOL. I have “Hairy Ear” and I am always “cleansing” my ears…I use a wax softener and put my ears up to the shower when I take a shower. I put Swim Ear in to help dry them out when I am done. I like the wax candles, but they do not get hot enough to draw out that much wax.
    Glad you finally got it all out…J:O)

  5. Brad Danyluk says:

    I don’t know what it is but it looks like something i have stepped on before….

  6. Bill says:

    It doesn’t look that bad! A little ear wax is all, I swear, my sometimes my wife digs live potatoes out of my ear!

  7. Julyia says:

    I couldn’t wait to get home so I could log on and see what had been living in your ear – I am disappointed, this is really not very gross – I was expecting a huge blob of something nasty….
    So glad you got it out and hope that you won’t have this problem again. What will you and Julie DeHarty think of next?

  8. shirley beatty says:

    My husband had that done to his ears. He kept using anything he could find to scratch down in it and one day he told me couldn’t hear. Well, I looked and there was a ear thingy that is worn with loud noises. I pulled it out and it was really neat. Anyway, back to the doctor, he went by hisself, I love to watch this kind of stuff, and he said they got something that looked like a golf ball with hair and brown stuff! Darn, I missed it, I would have loved to see it! It was ear wax he had cramed down into his ears all his life! He said it was nasty and the nurse told him that was one of the worse things she had ever seen! 🙂

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