Steve Kemble Will Take Robbery For 200, Alex

117036354 Steve Kemble Will Take Robbery For 200, Alex

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Alex Trebek woke up to a big surprise in San Francisco.

Steve Kemble has the details and much more!

What’s Hot!: Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is a cool place to visit on these hot summer days. The inside temperature is nice and chilly, there’s a lot of water all around, and the fabulous rain forest exhibit is just what we all need in the middle of this drought. It’s built inside an old historic warehouse in the middle of the Dallas West End.

Check out their website,

Steve Kemble’s Report:

Alex Trebek woke up to find a 56-year old woman robbing his hotel room. The 71-year old  Jeopardy host quickly got dressed and gave chase, but he fell and injured his Achilles tendon.

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  1. Karen Creel says:

    I listen to the morning show every morning on my way to work. I love the show. I hear the other morning that Steve Kemble is a dog lover. I am a volunteer for Collin County Humane Society. Our goal to rescue and find forever homes for as many dogs in the DFW area as possible. CCHS is planning a Gala in October. CCHS is looking for sponsors. Our goal is to start construction on a no kill shelter in the year 2012. Please review our website Collin County Humane

    CCHS Volunteer/Foster Mom

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