Anderson Cooper’s On-Camera Fit Of Giggles

Anderson Cooper lost all control during his Ridiculist segment Wednesday night. His writers have now found what will make the straight-laced CNN host crack up, bathroom jokes.

While reporting on a potty-pun filled story about French actor Gerard Depardieu on a recent flight from Paris to Dublin, Anderson Cooper couldn’t control himself as he descended into a long fit of giggles.

The script was littered with bathroom humor.  When he got to ”All I can say, they should thank their lucky stars it wasn’t Depar-two,” Cooper lost it. At one point, he tries to tell the crew behind the camera to stop laughing because he was having trouble regaining control.  It was to no avail, he laughed uncontrollably for more than 30 seconds before taking a breathe and continuing with the story.

During his fit of giggles, Anderson squeaks out, “This has never actually happened to me. You see this on Youtube, and you don’t think it will actually happen to you.”

Didn’t see Anderson Cooper’s descent into laughing madness? Watch it here!


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