Most Eligible Dallas’ Courtney Kerr Talks About Tonight’s Episode

Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas is quickly becoming a guilty pleasure for many, and Courtney Kerr is either your favorite person on the show or one you will soon grow to love. She stopped by with Cynthia Smoot from Oh So Cynthia to dish about the show, the perils of single life, and maybe a highlight of tonight’s episode.

One of the fun things about television shows filming in Dallas is getting to play “I Spy.” You recognize restaurants, locations, and maybe even a few of your friends milling around in the background.  Courtney Kerr says that Dallas is the 7th character on Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas.

The new reality series comes on Bravo at 9pm Central on Monday nights and shows the good, the bad, and the downright ugly side of dating. The show follows six Dallas singles including Courtney and her best friend Matt Nordgren.

Courtney & Matt are BFF’s and have always shared a platonic relationship. However, that doesn’t mean there’s not the odd disagreement or two. Courtney is the kind of friend that speaks exactly what is on her mind with no filter. Bravo says, “Even though Courtney is starting off as being the most hated, she will be the most loved.”

Cynthia Smoot has been keeping us updated on the show via her blog, Oh So Cynthia. She has met up with the cast of Most Eligible Dallas at area charity events and became hooked into the show. Her prediction is that Courtney has the best shot of getting her own spin off because she’s so funny and keeps it real.

[photogallerylink id=52030 align=right]

Tonight’s episode, according to Courtney, will get worse before it gets better. Tune in to Bravo tonight at 9pm Central to see what happens!


One Comment

  1. julia says:

    courtney kerr as the show’s most loved? i highly doubt it. she fits the definition of a tragic waste of space.

    here’s my humble take on these low-i.q., high-privaleged fools on M.E.D.:

    -none of them would be even as remotely “eligible” as they are without the money of their parents.

    -courtney is a princess with mediocre looks that are marginally transformed into decent looks by the magical effects of lots of money (fancy clothes, $$ on hair, etc.). she claims she is “just bein’ honest” as an excuse for not having a real personality, outside of being a sheltered, critical, judgmental princess. her jealousy of a cuter, younger, woman (neill) with actual talent and personality is thinly veiled behind her excuse of upholding so-called “southern values”.

    -drew needs to get out of texas and into the wider world and reailze that not all gay men are effeminate and like to talk about fashion. basically, he needs to meet more gay people!

    -matt should also meet some gay people, because my highly-skilled GAYDAR went off in high alert over this closet homosexual. you know what real straight guys never have to say? “i just love women so much.” oh, and they don’t have to parade around on dates with 3 women at the same time to PROVE just how straight they are. matt–it’s ok to be gay! come out of your deep, dark closet already.

    -the others on the show are barely worth commenting on either. the football guy who has little more to offer the world than his abs and the blonde animal-obsessed princess? blah.

    in long-winded sum, if this group of “eligible” folks ceased to exsist, the world would probably be better off. certainly, they wouldn’t be missed.

  2. Moe says:

    Does anyone know the name of the dance song from episode one where they’re all taking pictures? It says something like “we live through lights”.

  3. Courtney says:

    Courtney is such an ugly, jealous person. Very unlikeable. How pathetic for a 29 year old to act like that. What a loser!

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