Lite’s Review Room – Weekend Movies: ‘Our Idiot Brother’ & ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’

It’s time again to jump into Lite’s Review Room see what will be hitting the theaters this weekend and what is worth buying $6 Whoppers for.   This week we take a look at an off-beat comedy with Paul Rudd and a thrilling, very frightening horror film starring Katie Holmes.

Our Idiot Brother

mib20still203 300 dpi Lites Review Room   Weekend Movies: Our Idiot Brother & Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark

First up one of our favorite actors, who’s just been blowing comedies out of the water for years as a secondary character but finally started getting starring roles in the last four or five years, Paul Rudd stars in “Our Idiot Brother” with Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones and Elizabeth Banks.

Ned (Rudd) is the free living off beat brother of Miranda (Banks) Natalie (Deschanel) & Liz (Emily Mortimer).  Ned just got out of jail and is staying with his sisters to help get back on his feet.  His free living, honest, laid back attitude seems to screw everything up for him and those he loves around him.

mib20still202 Lites Review Room   Weekend Movies: Our Idiot Brother & Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark

We all have one in our family, the black sheep, the one who just never gets it right, and this movie is about those relationships between siblings.   Don’t bring think this is a good movie to bring the kids to, so they can learn to love each other though, it’s rated ‘R’ and hits on some topics that aren’t great for the young ones.  But as a date night movie or a friends night out we think it is near the top of the list this week.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Katie Holmes is back on the big screen and KRLD’s Julie Fisk has the review of this horror remake for you.

“Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” is a remake of a 1973 TV movie. It stars Katie Holmes as a woman who moves into a house already inhabited by tiny demons. Poor Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise just can’t seem to find the right film to make her a Certified Movie Star. “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” certainly won’t be that vehicle for Katie, because she’s completely upstaged by these THINGS that are living in her basement.  [photogallerylink id=52612 align=right]

We can thank Guillermo Del Torro for those. You might remember Guillermo & his wonderful yet grotesque creations in “Pan’s Labyrinth.” Well, he’s totally outdone himself this time, with something that resembles a dead fairy mixed with a rat. The best word I heard to describe them was ARRRGH!  They’re made even worse by the fact that they’re stalking children, in hopes of eating their teeth.

But do these awful things make “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” a GOOD movie? I don’t know. It was hard to tell from my tightly coiled fetal position. Probably not, because it takes itself too seriously and has an over the top “scary movie” score.

Katie Holmes is convincing enough but Guy Pearce barely registers as her boyfriend. Plus, this movie leaves too many unanswered questions like “Why ARE these things in the basement,” or “Would an exterminator help?” That’s why I’m giving “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” a C.

However, if you just want an excuse to squeeze your honey’s arm and get good, old-fashioned creeped out, then you’ll probably like it. But you’ll have a hard time forgetting those nasty things the next time you walk through a dark house.

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