School Bans Skinny Jeans?

The age old question about what is appropriate to wear to school took a turn this week in Pennsylvania.

When we were in school skirts and shorts had be passed the finger tips and shirts couldn’t show the belly, but there was never an issue with our jeans.  Maybe if they had too many holes in them, but that wasn’t too bad.   Now dress codes have gone more traditional, like one Pennsylvania school district that had banned skinny jeans for a while until parents started complaining.

The Pennsylvania school district has eased up on its dress code, a set of rules that mandated kids couldn’t wear skinny jeans. Turns out parents couldn’t find jeans that wouldn’t fall under the schools ban. But other clothing items are still on the “banned” list such as leggings.



One Comment

  1. Brianna boyd says:

    Even my school has banned skinny jeans. In kaufman Texas and all the kids at my school think it’s retarded and I’m agreeing with them. I’m wearing one of my skinny jeans as I write this.

  2. Lisa says:

    I love our schools uniform dress code. It doesn’t single anyone out. Rich kids with fancy clothes or poor kids with walmart clothes. Skinny jeans are cute on girls, wthe boys their junks is noticeable or their undies are sticking out. Also some are so skinny kids can’t walk. Just my thoughts

  3. Cari says:

    I can understand the school district’s reasoning here. Immodesty isn’t just about too short, or too low-cut, it’s also about too tight. We really don’t need to see every crevice in your body. If my children went to this school, I would have definitely been supporting the ban on skinny jeans.

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