Lite’s Review Room: Movie Weekend – ‘Contagion’ & ‘Main Street’

This week Lite’s Review Room is here to take a look at 3 movies that are out this week and have grabbed our attention as possibilities for our weekend plans.

We’ll start out with Queen of the Silver Screen, Julie Fisk. She saw ‘Contagion’ and here is what she thought of it:


“Contagion” stars Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and a host of other big names as people caught in the grips of a world-wide epidemic. Director Steven Soderbergh is a show-off. He loves showing how many A-list stars he can put in a movie but this time, there’s more than necessary.

We’re so busy watching Matt Damon, Jude Law & Kate Winslet, we actually forget about some of the other storylines. It’s still pretty hard to go wrong when you have this many great actors working with a story that hits home with ALL of us. What do you do when an epidemic hits? How do you protect yourself and even worse, YOUR CHILDREN.

[photogallerylink id=54292 align=left] What makes “Contagion” work is how straightforward it is. This is exactly what goes down when people start getting sick and this is how we, the public reacts to it. It’s a slow and measured response, until the moment it isn’t, and then all Hell breaks loose. “Contagion” plods along at times, and there are some unnecessary storylines, but my biggest complaint is how manipulative it is.

“Contagion” points a finger at the CDC, pharmaceutical companies, even the blogosphere and accuses them of playing with our emotions for profit. Yet this same movie is coming out at the beginning of cold & flu season, when our concerns are heightened, and that’s why I’m giving it a B+. In other words, I still really enjoyed “Contagion,” but be warned. If you’re a little paranoid, you might want to avoid this movie.  I noticed that NO ONE touched the handrails as we were leaving, and some even used elbows or sleeves to open the theater doors. Paranoid? Maybe, but I couldn’t wash my hand ENOUGH after seeing this one.


01 72dpi Lites Review Room: Movie Weekend   Contagion & Main Street

Photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick

This an uplifting story about family, triumph and breaking through walls either you or someone else has put in your way.   Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton star as estranged brothers who enter a mixed martial arts tournament called SPARTA for completely different reasons and end up facing each other, and their past issues, in the championship.

02 72dpi Lites Review Room: Movie Weekend   Contagion & Main Street

Photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick

Tommy Colon (Hardy) an ex Marine who is struggling being home for the first time in fourteen years looks to his father (Nick Nolte) to train for the MMA Tournament.  Tommy is a former wrestling prodigy and makes quick work on his way to the top on the SPARTA tournament.  His older brother Brenden (Edgerton), a former fighter, enter the tournament to try and get his family out of financial trouble.

05 72dpi Lites Review Room: Movie Weekend   Contagion & Main Street

Photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick

The two brothers soon have to face their pasts that have separated them and of course, fight for the right to be called champion.  The story is more about family and life than it is about fighting.

03 72dpi Lites Review Room: Movie Weekend   Contagion & Main Street

Photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick

It’s worth checking out this movie, and dragging the man in your life along shouldn’t be too hard as there is a lot of black eyes and right hooks.

Main Street:

3 Lites Review Room: Movie Weekend   Contagion & Main Street

This is an interesting case, you actually wont be able to go to the theaters and see Main Street right now.  It is out in limited release.  But the Magnolia pictures film is on-demand online right now, so if you don’t want to head out, but you still want to catch a new and compelling movie you can, by heading to the movies website.

5 Lites Review Room: Movie Weekend   Contagion & Main Street

The cast is fantastic: Academy Award Winners Colin Firth and Ellen Burstyn along with Orlando Bloom, Patricia Clarkson and Amber Tamblyn star in this story about a small town on the verge of nothingness and the businessman (Firth) who has a successful yet dangerous proposition to save the town.

1 Lites Review Room: Movie Weekend   Contagion & Main Street

A fantastic screenplay from Horton Foote (Who wrote “To Kill A Mockingbird” for the big screen) is a heart filled story about this small southern town that is faced with big issues is something to cozy up to on the couch if you feel like staying in this weekend.



Also in Theaters this Weekend: (Last Week’s Gross)


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