British Rapper Buys McFly’s Shoes For $37K

Hey McFly!  We all remember those words, the iconic calling of Biff towards Marty McFly and George McFly (depending on which movie you’re in).   Well in ‘Back to the Future II’ Marty McFly wears some pretty futuristicly sweet Nike’s.  It only took Nike 22 years to make the shoes. And they are auctioning them off for charity.  With plenty of people wanting the self tightening kicks the only question is what would it take to get them.

The shoes coming out a full 4 years before they appear in the movie.  It’s 2015 when Marty gets his shoes in the second part of the trilogy.  Now these shoes don’t self tighten, it would seem from the promo’s, but they do light up!  And who doesn’t want some light up shoes?

British rapper Tinie Tempah (we have no idea either) decided that these shoes were a must have for one of the UK’s most popular artists.  So, when the first pair were auctioned off last Thursday, Tinie threw down $37,500 dollars for them.

Yes you read that right, thirty-thousand dollars for replica’s of these shoes:

All of that money raised by the auctions will be going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.  Only 1,500 of the Nike Mega’s were made and 150 of them are being auctioned off daily for the charity.  If you have a cool $37K lying around and want to get a pair, go here.

Nike’s promo video for the new shoes:


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