Lite’s Review Room: Weekend Movies – ‘Drive’, ‘Straw Dogs’ & More!

Another weekend is fast approaching and that means more movies for us to go and see!  This week Ryan Gosling is starring and driving, Sarah Jessica Parker is a strong very busy business woman and Kate Bosworth has to deal with a crazy ex boyfriend.

Lite’s Review Room was wicked excited at this weeks batch of films.  ‘Drive’ (Ryan Gosling, um yes please), ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ (SJP back and stronger than ever) and ‘Straw Dogs’ (Kate Bosworth’s thriller re-make).

We’ll get started with the SJP in her newest starring role:

I Don’t Know How She Does It:

Sara Jessica Parker stars as the super busy mom/business woman Kate Reddy who is trying to balance her home life and her demanding job.  Boy this sounds familiar.  As Kate comes up to head a big deal for her company she is missing thing at home like her boys first hair cut and just some alone time with her husband.  The story seems fairly predictable, but the story is also some that so many women can relate to.  We think this movie has perfect get away from the kids night/date night written all over it.

We turn to our ‘Queen of the Silver Screen’ Julie Fisk for our next movie.


“Drive” stars Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt man, who moonlights as the getaway-driver for some criminals. Something is UP with Ryan Gosling. I’m not talking about those outstanding good looks or his chiseled body, though given the chance, I could talk about those at great length. [photogallerylink id=55011 align=right]No, Ryan Gosling is simply different from all of the other good-looking leading men out there. He stays out of the spotlight and picks interesting roles. Plus, there’s something mysterious, even a bit dangerous about him and that’s what makes Ryan Gosling the only, and I mean ONLY actor out there who could pull off the role of the Driver.

This guy is painfully quiet but he translates everything through his facial expressions, or sometimes, lack thereof. The Driver has to help a friend and her son avoid some seriously bad guys but ends up on their hit-list in the process. This is when we see the Driver’s true colors. He might be a quiet, shy guy but there is a psychopath lurking in there and it’s exhilarating to watch him surface.  Let me be clear about the quiet nature of the movie. There are entire minutes filled with nothing but staring. The audience was actually YELLING at the screen at times but this doesn’t take away from the movie.

Those long, quiet moments, paired with some tense car chases and edgy cinematography, makes Drive a treat with a style all its own and that’s why I have to give “Drive” an A-. You will want to prepare yourself for some shocking violence though.

Those of you with sensitive stomachs should watch for scenes involving an elevator or a bathroom. You’ll want to hide behind your popcorn box during those.

Straw Dogs;

Kate Bosworth (who has been absent from any major film since 2008’s “21”) joins James Mardsen (X-Men, Enchanted) in this remake of the this 1971 Dustin Hoffman thriller as the Summers.  This one, modernized and moved from England to the deep south contains much of the same story lines as the original.  The Summers head to Amy’s hometown to take care of her recently deceased mothers house when they make enemies with Amy’s ex-boyfriend they are prisoners in their own house.

What else is in Theaters: (Last Week’s Gross)


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