Early To Rise Really Does Make You Happy And Healthy

Good news for morning people. If you get up before 7AM, you are more likely to be happier, relaxed, and healthier, as well as being more successful at work, according to a recent study reported in the Telegraph. Dr. Joerg Huber of London’s Roehampton University and a team of researchers interviewed just over a thousand people on their sleep habits and levels of health and happiness, and the results say “the early bird really does get the worm.”

Early risers are less likely to be overweight, and they also tend to get their chores done more quickly and their kids off to school earlier.  The extra time in the morning seems to help prepare them for today’s hectic modern lifestyle.

The alarm clocks of early birds, on average, tend to go off before 6:58AM, whereas night owls don’t get up until 8:54AM. On the weekends, both sets enjoy an extra hour of shut eye, those early birds rolling out of bed at the still early time of 7:47AM and the night owls staying in bed until around 10:09AM.

While night owls are at an advantage for those late night shifts, early birds “are just better suited to this industrial world we are in,” says Dr. Huber.


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