The Soda Tooth Truth

It all started with a Big Fat Lie told by David Rancken. He claimed that he and a friend dissolved a tooth in a soda pop that shall remain nameless. A listener who works in a dental office offered to bring in teeth for testing, and Gene & Julie accepted the challenge. A month later, we now have the definitive results on soda vs. your teeth.

In the story told by David Rancken, he and a friend in chemistry class dropped a tooth in some soda and left it overnight. When they returned, the tooth was gone. It had dissolved according to David Rancken.

In the morning show’s own experiment, the donated teeth sat nearly forgotten in a mason jar in a corner of the studio for well over a month. If there was any truth to the myth, those teeth should be long gone…

after soda teeth The Soda Tooth Truth

Surprise! They are still there! The teeth didn’t dissolve.

While your teeth might be safe should you decide to hold a mouthful of soda for an extended period of time, you should still brush your teeth and floss as recommended by your dentist.


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