Lite’s Fall TV Must Watch/DVR List: Day By Day

The Fall season is officially underway with most of the hottest shows kicking off this week or next and plenty of new shows filling in the gaps.   Well with all the TV out there we wanted to help simplify your life.  Here is our day by day list of what you should be setting your Series Manager to on your DVR.

Not every show is starting right now, but we’re going to take a look at what the fall lineup will look like when everything is said and done.  Also we’ll give you what to watch and what you should set your DVR up for, to zoom through later.  So clean off all those Egypt History Channel shows you recorded in June and get your TV ready for a full Fall TV lineup.

It’s Wednesday so why don’t we start with Tonight:


What to Watch:

7:00pm-8:00pm: The X-Factor (FOX)

Simon Cowell’s new singing competiton takes all the restrictions of American Idol and throws them out the window.  Anyone from 12-89 can compete and the winner gets a $5 Million recording contract and a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial.  Cowell is joined by old friend [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Paula Abdul[/lastfm] and former ‘Sing-Off’ judge [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Nicole Scherzinger[/lastfm].

8:00-8:30pm: Modern Family (ABC)

Everyone’s favorite crazy family is back for another season of sure hilarity.  After racking up an almost countless number of Emmy’s last week, the hour long premier is Wednesday September 21st (today as we’re posting this).  This is one of those shows that doesn’t get missed for almost anything.  Set up your series recorder on your DVR just in case.

9:00-10:00pm: Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

This is the most successful Law & Order franchise on the air right now.  Marishka Hargitay is back as the hard nosed cop looking out for those who have trouble take care of them selves.

What to DVR:

7:00-7:30pm: Up All Night (NBC)

The new show with the hilarious Christina Applegate and Will Arnett is banking on these very strong actors along with their co-star, who steals the show a bit, Mya Rudolf.  Will and Christina play a married couple with a new baby who are trying to keep their lives fun and lively but that pesky kid keeps getting in the way.   It premiered on September 14th but it is an easy show to jump into after missing only one episode. First 5 episodes on the DVR and see how it goes.

8:00pm-8:30pm: The X-Factor (FOX)

Yep ‘The X-Factor’ runs for an hour and a half for some reason.  We’re not quite sure why, or if that will change down the line, but right now that is how it is.  So DVR the last half hour and while you’re waiting for Law & Order to start you can grab a dessert and watch the last half hour of the singing competition.  Season Pass on the DVR!

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What to Watch:

7:00-8:00pm: The X-Factor: Results Show(FOX)

Figure out who stays and who still has a shot at the $5 Million recording contract.

8:00-9:00pm: Person of Interest(CBS)

We’re really interested in this show concept.  Jim Caviezel plays an ex-CIA agent who is presumed dead by everyone and Michael Emerson is a billionaire software guy.  Together they try to stop crimes before they happen, but they’re only given the name of someone involved in the crime.  That person may be a murder, a victim or a witness, we don’t know.   We love shows where we try to figure out the twist before the characters and this one seems right in our wheel house.  We’ll give it a shot.  Especially with Steve Carrell off the Office.

9:00-10:00pm: The Mentalist (CBS)

Our favorite not really physic detective is back to solve some more crimes by just being smarter than everyone else.  We love the pace,the stories and the way Simon Baker owns every episode perfectly.   We were hooked in season 1 and we’ll be right back there with Season 4.

What to DVR:

7:00-7:30pm: The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

The nerds are back!  Sheldon and the crew are back with their girlfriends, or girls that are friends, or ex-girlfriends.  Man this show has a lot of weird love situations for being about a bunch of dorks who shouldn’t be getting women.   We don’t care how implausible it is the show makes us laugh.  Season Pass on the DVR!

7:30-8:00pm: Parks & Recreation (NBC)

This show seems to slip under the radar for a lot of people but we absolutely love it.  We love it more when we can zip through the commercials and keep the comedy rolling!  Season Pass on the DVR!

8:00pm-8:30pm: The Office (NBC)/Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

You have a choice to make here.   If you’re a Grey Girl we know where your heart is go with it.  But we’re Office fans and even without Steve Carrell anchoring the show, we still love it.  but with nothing following it (Whitney – we’re not quite sure about that show) we’ll DVR the office and try out the new Person of InterestSeason Pass on the DVR!

9:00-10:00pm: Private Practice (ABC)

The Grey’s spin-off has done well following it’s mother show.  If it weren’t for our devotion to Simon we’d be watching live, but that is why we love the DVR! Season Pass on the DVR!

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What to Watch:

7:00-8:00pm: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)

Break out the tissues.  It doesn’t matter, every week the tears are rolling with this show and we come back every time.   We have a little game in our house where we see who lasts the longest without crying.  We all hope to make it to the 2nd commercial break.  The show is inspirational and uplifting.   When we’re home on a Friday night, and we usually are, we’re watching this.

8:00-9:00pm: CSI: New York (CBS)

This has become our favorite CSI.   Something happened in Las Vegas that got us off that bandwagon and on Friday night if we don’t want to just full bore into a movie and some popcorn, CSI New York does the trick.

What to DVR:

7:00-8:00pm: Chuck (NBC)
We’re just as surprised as you are that we keep coming back.  The show has seemed to jump the shark every season and every season we get sucked back in and hooked.  I guess that is a good thing.  5 shows on the DVR and we’ll see if we’re hooked again.

8:00-9:00pm: Grimm
We’re interested in this new show based on “The Brothers Grimm” fairy tales.  We’ll give it a 1 episode DVR and see.

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What to Watch:

All Day: College Football

Is there anything else that needs to be said.  We love College Football and we will watch it on Saturdays.

10:30-Midnight: Saturday Night Live

We are behind this season of SNL. 

What to DVR:

7:00-7:30: Rules of Engagement (CBS)

We don’t know why this show keeps getting bounced around the network, but it is worth tracking down every season.  We can’t wait to see what happens with Jeff and Audrey’s attempts at a baby.  Quite frankly this show is getting hosed heading into it’s 6th season.  Since there is likely to be some good college games on we’ll DVR it and watch during halftime.  Season Pass on the DVR!

10:30pm-Midnight: Saturday Night Live (NBC)

We are behind this season of SNL.  Alec Baldwin starts off hosting for the 16th time on September 24th.  The full cast from last season is back.  No one off, no one on.  That is a really good sign.  We have high hopes.  We like it even better when we can just DVR it and skip the musical performance and any sketch that drags on a bit too long.  Season Pass on the DVR!

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What to Watch:

7:00-8:00pm: The Amazing Race (CBS)

This is our favorite reality competition show.  Something about seeing the world, teams working together and trying to just flat out beat someone else is a great way to cap off a day after watching the NFL and being forced to listen to how someone’s fantasy team is doing.

8:00-9:00pm: The Good Wife (CBS)

We were so happy when Juliana Margulies took home the Emmy for best lead in a drama series.  This show is so dynamic and engaging we can’t take our eyes off it.  The third season should be one of the best, kicking off with some intense drama involving a Muslim student accused of killing a Jewish classmate.

9:00-10:00pm: Pan-Am (ABC)

The throw back to the age when being a flight attendant was called a stewardess and it was a classy respectful great way to see the world, Pan-Am attempts to catch the craze of the Mad Men success of the period evening soap.  The costuming is great and it really is nostalgic, we’re giving it a shot if the Cowboys aren’t playing on Sunday Night. 

What to DVR:

8:00-9:00pm: Desperate Housewives (ABC)

We thought about this for a while, but since it is the last season for the girls on Wysteria Lane we decided we can give it a spot on our DVR.  Season Pass on the DVR, for sentimental reasons.

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What to Watch:

7:00-9:00pm: Dancing With The Stars (ABC)

The season premiered last week, but we’re in.  We love to see who has the moves and who needs to go. Metta World Peace (AKA Ron Artest) is already gone (Thank God).  Who will be the next to go?  Who will have the stamina to make it until the end?  Will someone fall over?  Will anyone quit?  Are there too many questions?  We have to watch!

9:00-10:00pm: The Playboy Club (NBC)

We watched the first episode last week and were pleasantly surprised.  We didn’t have high hopes, but we drawn in early and now we’re hooked.  The story has some depth and some interesting possible story lines between some bunnies, some mob guys, and Hef’s voice (which is all you hear of the leader of Playboy).  Another period drama, we’ll see if it can hold up after a very successful first episode.

What to DVR:

7:00-7:30: How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Neil Patrick Harris carries this show, but without the other four in this new age ‘Friends’ with a lot less inhibitions and just as much in-dating the show works.  It’s always worked and every girl that Ted meets you wonder if it will be the final girl for this series.  In actuality you have to give the writers credit, they produced a weekly sitcom with one of the easiest outs in TV history.  There will be no  cast sitting in a jail cell or cheesy fade outs that leave you still hanging.  The show will end when Ted meets the mother of his children. Hopefully that isn’t this season.  Season Pass on the DVR!

7:30-8:00pm: 2 Broke Girls (CBS)

We’re not overly convinced on this show about a diner waitress and an heiress who losses her money and has to get a job.  We can relate to being broke and having to find whatever job pays the bills so we’ll give it a shot.  5 Shows DVR.

8:00-8:30pm: Two and a Half Men (CBS)

With Charlie Sheen gone and Dancing with the Stars back, Two and a Half Men falls to our DVR.  We’re willing to give Ashton Kutcher a shot.  The season premier last week wasn’t bad, but we’ll have to really get some good laughs in the next few episodes to allow this to keep it’s spot.  5 Shows DVR.

8:30-9:00pm: Mike & Molly (CBS)

We were so happy for Melissa McCarthy for grabbing the Emmy in Mike & Molly.  She is a super funny girl and really our favorite part of the back end of the CBS Comedy Night.  Season Pass on the DVR!

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What to Watch:

7:00-8:00pm: Glee (FOX)

We’re Gleeks.  We aren’t afraid to admit it.  Unless you have a slushee in hand then you never heard that from us.  The show is over the top and unrealistic, but that is what we like about it.   It is pure entertainment.  The songs we almost always know all of them and we get the teenage angst that comes with being an outcast.

8:00-9:00pm: Dancing With The Stars: Results Show (ABC)

Time to find out who’s getting the boot.  Did our votes count as much as we hoped?  The worst episode every year is when our favorite who we know has no chance to win gets kicked off.  Even when we know it’s coming.

What to DVR:

7:00-9:00pm: Biggest Loser (NBC)

We used to watch this show live, then we got hooked on Glee and started DVRing it and we realized how much better it is to fast forward through some of the stuff and get to the weigh-ins and the voting.  It’s a two hour show and we can normally watch the entire thing in about 45 minutes.  With nothing coming on after the DWTS Results show it is the perfect way to end a night of TV watching.  Season Pass on the DVR!


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