Toys Toys Everywhere And Not A Place To Put Them

Now that summer is over and the kids are back in school, it’s time to take back your house. The toys that have invaded every room in your house must retreat to the places where they belong. Time to call in some reinforcements to help round up the toys.

One of the biggest challenges with children’s toys are the little bits that always seem to get lost. A great idea to save those little pieces is to place a curtain rod across your child’s closet door. You can put the little pieces in ziplock baggies and attach them to the rod with shower curtain rings. Your child can slide through the collections and see the little pieces they need for their playtime or projects.

Ikea has a great storage solution for toys. Their Trofast storage bins are a great way to keep toys put away. They come with huge bins that are great to pull out and take to other rooms, and when playtime is over, the toys go right back in the bins and back into the Trofast cubby.

If you want to label your bins in a way your toddler can identify what’s in them, try pictures or decals. If the bins contain dolls, then a pink outline of a doll can be the label. If there’s dinosaurs in the box, then a green dinosaur silhouette can go on that box.

If your kids are into building those elaborate Lego castles and spaceships, then you’ll want to keep those instructions. Grab a 3-ring binder and some sheet protectors. The instructions can go in the sheet protectors, and your kids can flip through them to find the design instructions they are looking for.

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