Somebody Call 911 On This Big Fat Liar

With Julie DeHarty and David Rancken out on vacation, Gene & Julie are telling tales about the times they have had to call 911 during the morning show. Their stories will have you falling off your chair, literally.

911 Story #1: During a live broadcast in downtown Dallas, Gene & Julie were giving out donuts and hot coffee on a cold morning. A homeless gentleman came over to partake in the free snacks, and Gene & Julie obliged him. Security at the location weren’t comfortable with the vagrant gentleman, so a guard came over to escort him away. The homeless man turned and knocked the guard out cold with one punch. Gene & Julie had to call 911 for the guard.

911 Story #2: Former morning show traffic reporter Tom Austin used to broadcast from the studio next to Gene & Julie’s studio. They could see him through a window all through the show. One day, Gene told a joke so hilarious that Tom laughed himself right off his chair! When he didn’t get back up, Gene & Julie had to call 911. Tom was TKO’d by Gene’s joke.

911 Story #3: It’s 8:30am and Julie DeHarty is giving the traffic report, so Gene decides to go to the vending machines in the employee break room. He puts in his money, but his bag of Bugles gets stuck on the way down. He manages to reach his arm up the machine and almost reach the bag, but he gets stuck. Julie had to call 911 to rescue Gene.

Congrats to Liz who identified Gene & Julie’s 911 Story #3 as the Big Fat LiarLiz won tickets to see [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Sting[/lastfm] at Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie on November 16th before you can even buy them! Tickets go on-sale at at 10am on Monday.

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