Daddy & Daughter’s First Fishing Trip

Gene took his daughter on her first fishing trip this weekend. It was a special time filled with unforgettable memories, including some surprises at the end of the fishing line.

Sunday, Gene & Sophia headed to Academy Sports to pick out a fishing pole for Sophia. She looked over the choices of Disney princess poles, Barbie pink poles, and Dora the Explorer poles. She chose a more grown up pole that came with it’s own tackle box.

In an effort to get her comfortable with casting the line, Gene took Sophia in the backyard to cast in to the pool. During his demonstration, Gene cast the line… in to the top of a crate myrtle. After pulling and yanking, Gene managed to not only break the fishing line but also snap off an entire limb of the tree! Ooops! Julie’s not gonna be happy about that.

[photogallerylink id=56091 align=right]

Soon it was time to head to the neighborhood pond for the real fishing experience. Sophia bravely chose worms for bait, and she was gung-ho about cutting them with scissors to fit them on the hooks. She and Gene stood by the pond casting the line out to see if any fish would bite.

Bite they did! Sophia had great success on her first time fishing. She caught two catfish and a perch! A neighbor was kind enough to come help releasing the fish back into the pond. Sophia had a great time fishing with her dad!


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  1. Glenn Shirk says:

    I had to laugh with Gene this morning. It reminded me of the time I took my then four year old trout fishing in Idaho. We were in a very popular campground that had a little wooden deck that people could use to fish next to a small stream. I had bought him a little red Star Wars fishing pole that was about 18 inches long. I started him off by casting for him and giving him the pole to hold. Before I could bait my hook and cast with my pole, my son had hooked two fish. One got away because he reeled it in too fast in his excitement. I mangaged to get a bite or two with my pole but after awhile my son got bored and went back to camp with his mother. I kept fishing and noticed as other people came to the deck to fish they gave me some really odd looks. Without realizing it I had been using my son’s Star Wars fishing pole!!! How embarassing!!! At least it wasn’t a Barbie pole. The good news was I caught my limit of 6 fish in just over 2 hours. Four were using his pole.

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