Give The Gift Of Family Trees

My Tree and has a great gift idea for weddings, baby shower, or for anyone and any occasion. They offer a templates that take your family tree and give it a twist!

Who doesn’t love to know their family history? Whether you’re getting married and joining two trees or if you’re a new mom in a long line of mothers, it’s nice to know your family and where you come from. My Tree and Me is a great way to take all that information in that huge family Bible or all the genealogy work your aunt did and put it on display in a fun and original way.

You can choose from designs like Slice of Life, Proud as Peacocks, Ripples in a Pond, Birds of a Feather, etc. to display your family history.  You can even make a photo tree to see where your fabulous family’s good looks come from.

If you want to get started, you should check out or to research your family’s history. Once you’ve got your genalogy, choose your design and await your custom family history artwork from My Tree and!


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