Find A Two-In-One Dining Experience At PrivateSocial

A brand new restaurant just opened in Uptown. Private|Social on McKinney Ave features two different dining experiences in one place, as well as a diverse menu masterfully crafted by Top Chef Tiffany Derry.

Private|Social is like two places in one. On one hand, it’s the intimate restaurant with circular banquettes for having a nice dinner of fine delicacies. That’s Private. On the other hand, it’s the bar with windows to the world and tables for sharing a meal with friends. That’s Social. The two distinctly different areas are separated by a glass wine wall and a metallic chandelier.

Native Texan and Private|Social’s Top Chef, Tiffany Derry has an amazing backstory. She started in the restaurant industry at the age of 15 and worked her way up the ranks in the kitchens at the International House of Pancakes. She was the youngest person in company history to be promoted to management. From there, she went to culinary school and her star continued to rise. In 2008, she became the Executive Chef at Go Fish Ocean Club. She was also voted “fan favorite” in season 7 of Bravo’s Top Chef and make it to the competition’s final four. She was a finalist again in season 8 as one of the Top Chef All Stars.

Located on the corner of McKinney Ave and Hall St, Private|Social is definitely a place you should check out! For more information on this fabulous new dining experience, go to their website:


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