Kim Kardashian Voted Most Annoying Celebrity

A recent poll by Parade magazine and OMG!, Kim Kardashian was named the Most Annoying Celebrity. From her reality show, naughty tape scandals, and coverage of her lavish wedding, the “famous for being famous” starlet has been impossible to avoid.

You would think that Snooki or Charlie Sheen would be more annoying, but that’s not the case. Out of the over 60,000 people that responded to the poll, 29% of them are tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian. At 27%, Charlie Sheen is only slightly less annoying, and 21% could do without seeing Snooki.

Who else made the list? No surprise, Lindsay Lohan occupies the number 4 spot on the list with 16%. Only 5% of those polled were tired of seeing Donald Trump’s hair, and 1% are still miffed at “Bachelor” Brad Womack.

Kim Kardashian got to confront one of her nay-sayers in person on the CW’s new show H8R. Have a look!


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  1. Kathi Tuttle says:

    Kim is a very beautiful girl and if she is annoying to anyone it is probably because they are jealous of who she is and what she has which is ridiculous…All of the Kardashians are the same…rich and gorgeous…even their brother is the same way…Jealousy is a tacky word and an even more useless feweling…it only hurts the one that is feeling the jealousy…She will continue to enjoy her life the way she always has..

    Personally, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift are much more of an annoyance to me than she could ever be!! Jessica is a whiner and flaunts herself everywhere she goes and Taylor is a fake and a phoney…always pretending she is so surprised when she wins an award when she knew all along it was coming her way…She is irritating… and I would not walk across the street to see her…

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