Lite’s Review Room: Movie Weekend – “50/50”

Some weeks it’s hard to pick.  Do we want to see the action packed thriller or the romantic comedy?  This week is not one of those weeks.  There are few movies out this week, but instead of throwing a bunch of options at you, Lite’s Review Room is telling you there is only one movie to see this week. Don’t even bother with the others.

We’ll let our Queen of the Silver Screen, Julie Fisk, let you in on why this movie is the only thing worthy of your time this weekend.


“50/50” stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as a 27-year-old man who is diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer. This movie is loosely based on the real-life experience of comedy-writer Will Reiser, who is a friend and writing partner of Seth Rogen.

A young man finds out he has a cancer and a 50/50 shot at surviving, so how does he cope? Especially when his friends and girlfriend are completely incapable of handling the news properly? This is a Seth Rogen movie so OBVIOUSLY he uses his diagnosis as a way to pick up chicks and get medical marijauna, but 50/50 doesn’t turn into a stoner movie.

Okay, it does have moments of that, but it manages to still treat the subject matter with respect. This is partly due to the outstanding cast. Angelika Houston is heart-breaking as the cancer-patient’s mother and Anna Kendrick shows surprising depth as his therapist. Even Seth Rogen is great as the best friend and I must address Mr. Rogen.

There has been a terrible Seth Rogen back-lash, but do NOT avoid this movie because of him. He’s actually great in 50/50, but the story is so much bigger than just him. There really wasn’t anything I DIDN’T love about this movie and that’s why I’m giving 50/50 an A+.

Because if you’ve ever been diagnosed with cancer, or loved someone who has, you know that once you get past the shock & sadness, sometimes you HAVE to laugh. And occasionally that laughter comes at the most INAPPROPRIATE times.


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