Clean Your Clock With Salma Hayek’s Cooler Cleanse

Listen up health nuts! There’s a new cleanse in town. Salma Hayek herself co-founded this cleanse, and what woman wouldn’t love to have her body. It’s the Cooler Cleanse, and it’s six bottles of juice per day delivered right to your door in a spiffy little cooler.

Cleanses are great to rid you body of toxins and extra stuff that can leave you feeling blah. The Cooler Cleanse is a liquids only cleanse that can last 3 days or, for the seriously committed, 5 days. You drink 6 bottles of juices at regular intervals every day, supported with light exercise such as yoga or walking.

Your whole day’s worth of juice is all laid out for you and number 1 though 6. You start with Essential Green which is a mix of fresh, organic greens, you move on to your choice of Grapefruit & Mint (yum!), Pineapple Ginger, or Watermelon Lime, then you go back to the Essential Green. After the second Essential Green, you drink either Young Coconut Water or Spicy Lemonade, then you have the Essential Red which is high in Vitamin A. You finish off the day with almond nut milk or brazil nut milk. All of these come in a cooler for the day that you can take with you.

The great thing about this cleanse is that you feel inspired to eat healthier foods afterwards. It’s a great way to break bad food habits and start new ones. Instead of craving that hamburger, you’ll want to reach for a salad!

Join the Cooler Cleanse, go to


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