5 Great Tips For Kids’ Parties

Every parent wants to make sure their child’s special party goes off without a hitch. They want it to be a special memory of a grand day. It’s not as difficult as you would think.

Here are a few great tips for throwing a great kids party!

First of all is food. You should put food out buffet style with simple food. Kids aren’t likely to eat anything to fancy, so keep the menu limited to pizza, hot dogs, chips, and veggie sticks. One idea, if you’re planning a space themed party, is to have different kinds of pizza but label them with the names of planets.

Secondly, dress the part. If you’re throwing a princess theme party, make sure your child has a tiara and tutu. You don’t have to have full costumes for all the kids, but having some little things to put on will make a big impact. Such as headbands with animal ears and faint paint for a jungle party.

Provide entertainment in 20-30 minute increments. We all know that kids have short attention spans. You can keep everyone focused on the party and out of trouble by changing up the activity every 30 minutes or so. Go from a game to a story and back to another game before having a snack.

Take the party outside. With the fabulous weather we’ve been having, taking the fun and games outside will give the kids room to run amuck and keep your house from getting too mucky. While it may not always be great weather, it’s great idea to take advantage when there is a sunny day with nice temps.

Finally, always part with a gift. The highlight of every child’s party is the goody bag. It’s also one of the most fun things to plan. Places like Party City have bins full of great selections for goody bag filling.


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