10 Best Internet ‘Thriller’ Video’s

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]’s epic music video “Thriller” is arguably the best and most inspirational videos of all time.  Since the video debuted in 1982 it has been a Halloween staple.  While it can never be repeated, thanks to the internet we have plenty of fantastic tributes of the famous zombie dance.  We thought with Halloween coming up we’d take a look at the 10 Best Internet Thriller Videos.

10. The Royal Guard Pays Tribute

Shortly after Michael Past away in 2009 the Army’s Band outside of Buckingham Palace played a little Thriller.  This would have been much higher on the list had they actually done the dance routine as well.

9. Surprise Wedding Thriller

Just the men head out onto the floor and give a pretty spirited performance with the same “we don’t know what we’re doing” motions that many a guy will give when trying to dance.  But they gutted it out and made it on our list.

8. Events Cinema Thriller Dance

This one is done Flash Mob style outside of a movie theater.  After the initial free dancing by the two people in costume the rest of the group joins and give a pretty good performance of the entire Thriller dance.

7. Oklahoma Marching Band

This might have been placed a little higher, but let’s face it, it’s Oklahoma.  A great job by the band though nailing the dance and playing the song fantastically.  Not very many ways to get a crowd into halftime better than rocking out Thriller.

6. Wedding Thriller Dance (2006)

Maybe the most watched and the first wedding thriller dance to be uploaded on Youtube.  Quality performance by the groom but a little sloppy job by the rest of the bridal party, and at the end the Groom seems to know only one Michael Jackson moves and just keeps repeating it over and over.  But still a good job!

5. Thriller Dance – Wedding

Another wedding dance but we liked this one a lot because of the ability to do the dance with about 15 people in what looks to be a 20 square foot dance floor.  We also love the little touches of Michael, like the Jacket on the lead dance and the Groom wearing a sparkling glove.  A great finish too, like any wedding it should always be about the Bride and Groom (mostly the bride) and they finished it up with a nice kiss.

4. Halloween 2010 Thriller Flash Mob

There are hundreds of Flash Mob Thriller video’s out there; but this is the top one on our list because they did the entire six-plus minute routine and they are in full makeup.  Doesn’t get much better than this for a “random” group of zombies on Halloween.

3. #1 Best Thriller Wedding Dance Video

No we didn’t rate this wedding dance above the rest just because the title told us it was “#1”.  We love the smoke effect at the beginning and the whole group does a great job of dancing, in their heel no less.  The bride and groom take the front of the pack and do a great job. It can’t be easy for the bride to dance in that dress.  Plus they end it with a nice group photo opportunity.

2. CPDRC Inmates

We’ve probably all seen this by now.  48 million views on Youtube.  But in case you haven’t this is a correctional facility in the Philippines and for their mandatory aerobics time they decided to learn and do Thriller.  Watch and enjoy.

1. Thriller tribute to Michael Jackson from Japan

Our #1.  It might not be quite as shocking as a thousand inmates breaking out in dance, but the pure production value of this video from Japan is fantastic.  Enjoy our number one Thriller video from the internet.  And good luck getting the song out of your head tonight.

And what the heck, just so we know what it is supposed to look like.  Here is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson


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