People Are Secretly Filming Each Other With Their Smartphones

If there wasn’t enough worry about Big Brother being every where, it turns out that half of American adults admit to taking secret videos with their smartphones, according to the Baltimore Sun. It’s no wonder with the popularity of websites such as People Of Walmart. Technology has put the power in our hands to capture what we see in our daily lives and post it to the web.

Just what are these people taping? Here’s a run down of the top targets of the videos snapped on the sly:

23% of the people surveyed have taped people in embarrassing outfits or hairstyles. If you’ve gone to Walmart in costume to pick up Halloween candy or you sport an awesome mullet hairstyle, you could find yourself on the web.

Athletes at sporting events are videoed by 20%. For example, there are a few videos on Nelson Cruz’s walk-off grand slam on YouTube taped by fans in the stands. People always have their phones handy at sporting events because you never know what awesome play or athletic feat you’re going to capture for eternal posterity.

Watch your step, or else 15% of those surveyed might whip out their phone in time to catch you wiping out. As if America’s Funniest Videos doesn’t have enough clips of people falling flat. Have a nice trip; see yourself on the web!

Eye candy is something that gets taped by both sexes. 10% admit to taping that attractive waitress, and 9% have taped the shirtless hunk mowing the yard across the street. Cheerleaders also have 7% of those surveyed reaching for their phones.

The workplace isn’t safe from the secret amateur videographers either. 7% have sneaked a video of the boss or coworker sneaky an extra doughnut.

Among other targets for video voyeurs are those with disgusting grooming habits (6%), couples kissing in public (5%), and a small collection under the vague label of “other” (8%).


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