8 Things Your Pet Shouldn’t Eat

He’s your best friend and frisbee buddy. She’s purrr-fectly content curled up in your lap. We love our four-legged family members so much that sometimes we cave in to those big eyes and sneak them food from the table. What you probably didn’t know is that some human foods aren’t healthy for Kitty and Fido.

Here are a few items, starting with the most dangerous, that you shouldn’t let your pet eat. If you think they’ve gotten a hold of one of these substances, call your veterinarian of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.

1. Chocolate

chocolate photo by tom grillgetty images 8 Things Your Pet Shouldnt Eat

Photo by Tom Grill/Getty Images

Chocolate is the most dangerous substance for your pets, particularly dogs who are more likely to eat dangerous amounts, because it’s a stimulant that excites the nervous system and heart. Different chocolates can have varying effects, but baker’s chocolate is noted to be the worst.

2. Grapes & Raisins

grapes photo by carolyn cochranegetty images 8 Things Your Pet Shouldnt Eat

Photo by Carolyn Cochrane/Getty Images

Grapes might not seem so bad, but for you dog or cat, they can damage their kidneys by munching on a grape. 

3. Garlic & Onions

green onions photo by alexandra grablewskigetty images 8 Things Your Pet Shouldnt Eat

Photo by Alexandra Grablewski/Getty Images

Beware of table scraps that could have garlic or onions. These harmless flavorings to humans could damage the red blood cells in you cat or dog, causing anemia.

4. Xylitol
(Found in sugarless gum)

gum photo by steve wisbauergetty images 8 Things Your Pet Shouldnt Eat

Photo by Steve Wisbauer/Getty Images

Keep an eye on your purse or bookbag, lest a nosy puppy find your package of gum. Xylitol is a chemical sweetener found in sugarless gum. It causes increased insulin secretion that could drop your dog’s blood sugar levels.

5. Alcoholic Drinks

beer and wine photo by ts photographygetty images 8 Things Your Pet Shouldnt Eat

Photo by TS Photography/Getty Images

Booze hounds beware, don’t share you drink with your pet. Their size means just a small amount of alcohol could have a huge effect on their body, even if they are a huge Great Dane.

6. Raw Yeast or Bread Dough

bread dough photo by bruce forstergetty images 8 Things Your Pet Shouldnt Eat

Photo by Bruce Forster/Getty Images

Yeast is what forms gas inside bread and causes it to rise when it’s baking. Your dog could get gas as well were they to get a bite of some dough. Yeast can also ferment, like in beer making, and cause alcohol poisoning.

7. Macadamia Nuts

macadamia nuts photo by martin harveygetty images 8 Things Your Pet Shouldnt Eat

Photo by Martin Harvey/Getty Images

Macadamia nuts can affect the muscles and nervous system of your dog. They could became lethargic or twitchy.

8. Avocados

avocados photo by southern stockgetty images 8 Things Your Pet Shouldnt Eat

Photo by Southern Stock/Getty Images

Avocados contain a substance called persin, that while harmless to human, is bad for your pets’ heart. Birds seem to be particularly sensitive to the chemical, but you might still think twice before sharing that chip-full of guacamole with Fido.


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