33 Weird & Wacky Beauty Facts

We’ve all needed a little TLC here and there, and sometime it can be so expensive and time consuming to plan out a day at the spa. Well we’ve found 33 weird & wacky beauty facts that can have you looking marvelous at home, with products you either have in your house or would be easily obtainable at the grocery store.

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1. Milk & Honey Bath

The lactic acid found in milk is a natural skin softener. If you don’t want to empty a grocery store of all their Vitamin D, try soaking your hands and feet in small tubs of the stuff to soften those up.

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2. Red Wine

YES! Not only good for your heart but the antioxidants and polyphenols help soften skin. But just like the milk bath you’ll have to fill your whole tub. Emptying your tub could be a lot more fun than with the milk though.

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3. Boxers

This one is for the girls out there with curly hair. Standard cotton, not the enhanced stuff used in towels to help soak up moisture, helps keep frizziness down. Grab a pair of your man’s boxers and start drying that hair. Make sure they are from the drawer though, and not just off the ground.

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4. Lettuce & Spinach

Silicone-rich foods like lettuce and spinach help fight wrinkles and keep hair and nails healthy. Have a Romaine, spinach, cucumber, bell pepper & tomato salad and keep those wrinkles away.

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5. Celery Seed

Pull that celery seed out of your spice cabinet and pour a cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of the stuff. Let it steep for 10 minutes and sip your way through a natural diuretic tea to help prevent bloating.

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6. Parsley

Stop just pushing that piece of parsley to the side of your plate and forgetting it. Let it sit there and then chew on it after you’ve finished eating. Fresh parsley is thought to help fight bad breath.

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7. Honey

No we’re not going to tell you to take a bath in just honey. Use a bit of honey to help dry cracked lips. It also helps to clear up cold sores.

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8. Green Tea Bags

Take a couple, already steeped, and let them chill in the fridge. Place them on your eyes in the morning and watch the dark circles fade away. Not only does the coolness feel really good, but the caffeine in the tea helps circulation which reduces the darkness under your eyes.

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9. Caffeine

A study from the American College of Sports Medicine says that if you drink caffeine before your workout it can increase your physical performance. So don’t feel guilty when you stop at Starbucks on your way to the gym in the morning.

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10. Lemons

Lemon juice and black tea to wash your hair. We know you normally use water, but use half black tea and half lemon juice and rinse it through clean hair. The lemon helps strengthen your hair but doesn’t ruin the pH balance of the hair and scalp.

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11. Olive Oil

Mix a dime size amount of olive oil with whatever styling cream you use and you’ll see smoother shinier hair.

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12. More Olive Oil

Not only does olive oil do everything you need it to in the kitchen it does everything you need it to in the bathroom. Grab a little olive oil when your body is still damp, just out of the shower and rub it all over. Pat yourself dry and you’ll feel moisturized and super sexy all day!

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We are thinking maybe just bath in olive oil and you’ll look 30 years younger and your skin will be perfect. But seriously, this one is a little olive oil on your cleansing pad will help to remove makeup. Just make sure you clean your face with a clean cloth afterward so the oil isn’t just sitting there.

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14. Moisturizing Lotion

Dump the conditioner and use some of your moisturizing lotion sitting next to your bed as conditioner. It will help keep your scalp moist and help keep dandruff at bay.

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15. Avocados

Buy eight avocados. Take six of them and make a mean guacamole. Mash up the last two and work the green mash into your hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse.

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16. Cranberry Juice

This one is especially good for all you Gingers (I can say that I’m Ginger) out there, but everyone can use it. Take a bottle of the juice into the shower with you and give your hair a quick rinse. The Cranberry juice will boost your hair’s shine.

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17. Salt

You know how they like to charge that extra $10 at the salon for a little “sea-salt spritz”? Well save the money and make your own. Take some sea salt (a few teaspoons) some water and a little olive oil (there it is again) and mix in a spray bottle. We also suggest a strong man with no shirt do the spraying, but you can do it yourself if you’d like.

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18. Club Soda

If you get the frizzes, and who doesn’t here, rinse your clean hair with unflavored club soda to help keep your hair in check.

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19. Toilet Seat Cover

Ever apply some new lipstick in the bathroom just to find there are no paper towels? You can’t use toilet paper, it’ll stick to your lips and make everything uneven. Well reach for a toilet seat cover (off the wall) and use that instead. Because your lips looking good IS that important.

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20. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another bath remedy. But this one does not call for a full tub of the stuff. Just pour a few cups of apple cider vinegar in the tub to help you de-stress and detox.

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21. Black Tea

We’ve all heard about how good tannins are for you, but this one goes on the outside of your body. Soak your feet in a black tea bath to help rid them of any odor. We also suggest doing this while adding some tannins to your inside by drinking a glass of red wine.

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22. Baking Soda

If your nails are polish free; sprinkle some baking soda on a lemon wedge and rub it over your nails to give it a fresh white look.

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23. Brushing Your Hair

We’ve heard it since we were kids. Brush your hair every night to make it sparkle and look fabulous. Well this is actually true. When you brush your hair it releases the oils in it to help it look beautiful.

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24. Another Lemon

Those fancy creams have nothing on the little yellow fruit. Rub some lemon on your face for a brighter cheerier complextion.

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25. Silk Pillowcase

Stop waking up with a tangled mess on top of your head. A silk pillowcase will help keep those luscious locks straight in the style you wore before bed better than the cotton counterparts.

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26. Beer

Pour me another. Beer helps add body and repairs damage thanks to the hops and malt in the wonderful beverage. This one takes a little work, but all you have to do is: boil 3/4 cup of beer until it reduces to 1/4 cup, let cool, and add to 1 cup of regular shampoo.

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27. Flax Seed Oil

Place some flax seed oil on a Q-tip and rub it on your eyelash line to help stimulate lash growth. The B vitamins in the oil help repair damage and get them growing.

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28. Herbal Poultice

A classic herbal poultice (a poultice is an herb paste wrapped in cotton) to help fight acne is a mixture of dandelion and yellow dock. Mix the two herbs slowly with warm water until a nice paste forms. Once everything is blended put the paste on a cotton cloth and place on the affected area until the paste dries. (Also can be used for sunburns)

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29. Chamomile Tea

Not just for a sore throat or upset stomach; steeped chamomile tea bags can help your complexion too. Use them warm for irritated skin on the face and cold for puffy eyes.

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30. Egg Whites

If you’re like us and suffer from some super oily skin, throw a thin layer of egg whites on a freshly washed face to help decrease the shine.

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31. Oatmeal

Cook a serving of oatmeal with a reduced amount of milk to ensure super thickness. Use the mixture as an extremely powerful exfoliating mask for 10 minutes.

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32. Mint

Add a couple of bunched of mint to water, boil and strain. Add the mint water to your shampoo bottle (use a 2-1 shampoo to water ratio). Use your shampoo and conditioner as usual and watch your oily hair disappear. Well your hair wont disappear just the oil in it.

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33. Mayonaise

It’s not just for sandwiches anymore. Mix 1/4 cup of mayo with two teaspoons of natural eucalyptus tree oil and apply to your hair after you shampoo. Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse to help keep the friz down.


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