What Halloween Says About You

Trick or Treat? (How many times have you heard that today?) Leigh Ann has a treat for you. Things about Halloween that may reveal something about your personality.

Here it is! Things you do for Halloween that share some thing about you! See How you measure up.


Your Halloween costume may reveal a lot about one’s personality:

  • Witches — Enchanting people, take control in romantic situations. Always honest about their feelings.
  • Politicians — Suspicious of authority. Judge people by their actions, not by their words. Opinionated.
  • Movie Stars — Concerned about reputation, success. Enjoy being the center of attention. Socially active.
  • Clowns — Sensitive to others emotions, self-assured, can laugh at themselves.
  • Aliens — Often have a hard time understanding people’s intentions.
  • Monsters — Appear calm, but they’re hiding internal turmoil. Have difficulty expressing themselves.
  • No Costume — You’re afraid af criticism. Uptight, you have a hard time letting go. Underneath it all, you have an intense need to be accepted.


Did you know that the kind of Halloween candy you give out is a reflection onto yourself. It is true, here is a few of the different personality traits related to your candy.

  • Loose Change — These people tend to be procrastinators. The fact they answer the door instead of pretending not to be there for trick- or-treaters is a sign of their Genuine interest in people and loyalty to friends.
  • Candy Corn, Orange Colored Marshmallow, Puff “Peanuts,” etc. — You know how to pinch every last penny out of a dollar. You prefer spending your money on you, not someone you will never see again.
  • M&M’s/Snickers/Milky Way — Right off the top, you’re cool. Quality over quantity is the name of the game with you. You love a great party, are conscious and considerate of others. Likely to be a natural leader. Positive and upbeat on the outside even if your innards are tied in knots.
  • Skittles/Reese’s Pieces — You’re up on trends and fashion. You know what’s hot and what’s not. If older than 35, very likely to have children at home. A little different from the average bear but in a quirky way. You often feel out-of-place but you cover it well and no one has ever noticed.
  • Other name brand candy — You like to mix things up a bit. You hate surprises — but love to surprise others. Most likely, you bought a candy that you happen to enjoy rather than a candy that’s popular with kids.

Well? Where do you fit?



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