EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Justin Bieber’s Baby

We have some pull here at Lite FM.  Leigh Ann knows a lot of people in LA, where the alleged mother of Justin Bieber’s love child lives, and she made some calls.  103.7 Lite FM is now is possession of what we believe is obviously Justin Bieber’s child.  Justin’s camp is denying the story entirely, but we thought we’d let you look and make your own decision.  Do you think it’s Justin’s kid?

babie bieber EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Justin Biebers Baby


One Comment

  1. Susan O says:

    OH Please! She should be very careful about this accusation she’s and adult he isn’t/wasn’t.

  2. Faith Ashlyn says:

    Wow Y’all Are Obviously Looking For Gossip/Drama! Find Out Some Real Facts Then Tell Us About it! Thanks!(:

  3. kim says:

    where is get the wig for the baby

  4. shyLa says:

    This looks totally stupid! I’m scared of that baby

  5. John Doe says:

    Just wondering where I can find the pictures at studio movie grill in dallas with the staff?? 🙂

    1. webbiegh says:

      They should be up right now John.

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