Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Jail But Could Be Out In A Day Or Two

Lindsay Lohan admitted in court yesterday that she violated her probation by skipping therapy sessions and getting the boot from the Downtown Women’s Center where she was assigned for community service. She was handed down a sentence of 30 days in jail and a very rigid schedule for the rest of her community service. However, there’s bit of a catch in her jail time.

Due to overcrowding, Lindsay could walk free after only spending a day or 2 behind bars. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Depart told TMZ that she may only have to serve 20% of her 30 day sentence, which comes out to 6 days. The overcrowding in the jails have caused the feds to turn loose misdemeanor offenders sentenced to 90 days or less.

On top of a little time in the slammer, the judge gave Lindsay a strict schedule to complete her community service. All of her volunteer hours are now to be completed at the morgue. She’ll have to put in 12 days at the morgue and attend 4 therapy sessions before December 14th. She’ll have to continue to check in with the same schedule on January 17th and so on until everything is completed by March 29th. If she fails at any point, she’ll go straight to jail for 270 days.


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