Lite’s Review Room: Weekend Movies – Tower Heist, Like Crazy & Harold & Kumar

The Holiday season is almost upon us and that means some big movies are getting ready to come out.  While the ‘J. Edgar’ and ‘Twilight’ movies are coming out in the next couple weeks this week holds a little more lighthearted and fun vibe to it.
We’ll be taking a look at a star heavy comedy, a college romance and Harold & Kumar.

Tower Heist

Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy & Alan Alda star along side a lot of other familiar faces in a comedy about a group of employees who are trying to get back their pensions from their boss who scammed them out of their money.  Alan Alda plays the high rise billionaire who apparently has $20 million stowed away somewhere in his penthouse of the condo tower he owns.  When he’s caught for defrauding hundreds of people (including the workers at the tower) his former employees want payback.  A plan is set in motion by Stiller with help from his former childhood acquaintance and now ex-con Murphy.

[photogallerylink id=61069 align=right]The comedy comes as a bunch of normal people try to pull off one of the richest robberies in the history of America.  A good cast and some great chemistry make Tower Heist at least worth the time, but maybe only the matinee  money.

Julie Fisk the Queen of the Silver Screen saw our next movie.

Like Crazy

“Like Crazy” stars Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as young lovers who are torn apart by a violated visa.  Anyone who has ever been in a long-distance relationship knows those tearful good-byes at the airport, the “What are we going to do” conversations and even worse the “What are you doing when I’m gone” talks.

We have Anna, a Brit studying in L.A. on a student visa, who falls in love with Jacob, while they’re both in college. She decides, in a moment of youthful passion, to violate her visa and stay in the States with Jacob, a moment that throws their relationship into turmoil for the next 8 years.

The real question here is: Can romantic love survive conflict & when does a relationship stop being worth the struggle? Especially when there’s a REALLY hot blonde who is just DYING to be with you? I have to say that Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones are adorable as the young couple. There wasn’t a real script for “Like Crazy” so they were left to improvise their dialogue and results are so SINCERE. I got choked up watching them in the happy times.

Despite their lovely performances this movie is paper thin and WHAT a disappointing ending! The woman behind me said it didn’t end, they just ran out of money. I think that Director Drake Doremus got tired of torturing these poor kids, but it’s enough to bring my score down to a C+.

However, if your relationship started with tearful goodbyes at airport, “Like Crazy” might take you right back to that blissful beginning. Just don’t revisit the “What WERE you doing while I was gone” chats.  They never end well.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

The guys are back with their buddy Neil Patrick Harris and this time they need to save Christmas, in 3D!  [photogallerylink id=61129 align=left]The same crazy antics, some pot smoking and a little claymation plus NPH was killed in the 2nd movie, so they have to explain that one.  Probably not something to go out of your way on but, could be worth a Netflix rental, when everything else is slow.


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